LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal has welcomed the new ‘National Education Policy’ of the country and appreciated it in high terms. Mr Mittal shares: “It’s a great feeling to see that the new National Education Policy has finally seen the light of the day. A new paradigm shift in the education policy after 3 decades is a very welcome move. In present scenario technology and adoption of the same by the society has made the change a necessity than an option, and we are glad that the present government has taken a bold step in introducing, this, much-needed reform in the education policy.

At Higher Education level a major focus on a multidisciplinary education, that promotes holistic education, is a very welcome move. LPU is one of its kind multidisciplinary university and we have always focused on allowing students to have the flexibility of choosing subjects. We are happy that this has now been promoted at the national level. Also, we are happy that, at least, at the policy level a common norm for public and private higher education institutions (HEIs) is mentioned.

A move to create an Academic Bank of Credit (ABC) is a very bold move. Though it is there in many developed nations, this policy now available in India will give a new rise to the education consumption in India. This will also create a healthier competition among the universities to keep delivering great quality education to retain students.

Though a foreign university has been allowed to set up its campus is a great move, as it allows a healthier competition; however, Indian institutions should also be allowed to develop twinning programmes with foreign universities.

The common entrance test policy shared by the government for the entry into the HEI is a good move but at the same time, we should vary of the fact that it may not further push students under tremendous pressure. However, overall it’s a very thoughtful policy and we would like to see how things get implemented over the next couple of months and years to see NEP’s actual impact.”