Food technology is a branch of food science which majorly deals with the manufacturing, processing, preserving and packaging of food and its articles. You must have watched the famous show “Food Factory” at least once. It’s the literal essence of food technology. If you enjoy these shows and watching them lights up your mind, then a career in food technology is something to look forward to. So let’s understand the scope of food technology.

Career in Food Technology

Looking at future for food technology, it’s obviously very promising. Universities and colleges around the globe are adopting this branch of food science into their curriculum. Degrading soil, polluted environment and water shortages will rise as major problems to the humankind. These outcomes of rapid growth will bring with them the need to produce high quality food with efficiency. We need people who can use technology to produce optimum quantity of food that meets the daily nutrition needs of human beings. This is where food technology specialists come in. 

Job Prospects in Food Technology

Several profiles and industries where food technology professionals make a successful career are:

  • Lab Technician, Food labs
  • Food Processing Operator, Machinery inspection
  • Food Handler
  • Research Scientists
  • Organic Chemists
  • Food Inspector
  • Managers and Accountants
  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants
  • Food Processing Companies
  • Catering Establishments and services
  • Food Research Laboratories
  • Retailers
  • Food Wholesalers
  • Packaging Industries
  • Consultant
  • Entrepreneur

Various Fields under Food Technology

scope of food technology in india

Food technology is vast. There are numerous fields you can step your foot into after choosing Food Technology.

  • Food Science and Technology
  • Food Engineering
  • Food Chemistry and Nutrition
  • Food Microbiology
  • Food Quality and Safety
  • Food Laws and Agri Business Management

Scope of B.Tech in Food Technology

  • B.Tech in Food Technology is a 4-year course
  • It is an Engineering program which trains students in the technical concepts of Food Process Engineering, Food Analysis and regulations, Crop Processing Technology, Plant and Animal biotechnology.
  • It is an industry-oriented course that trains students for handling roles in food manufacturing, food processing, research laboratories and similar industries.

Scope of B.Sc in Food Technology

  • B.Sc in Food Technology is a 3-year course.
  • It teaches students about biochemistry, biotechnology and, basic sciences involved in food processing/packing/manufacturing.
  • Some colleges offer to choose a pathway elective that allows them to design their course as per their career objective.
  • For example, students studying B.Sc Food Technology can opt for a pathway elective as per corporate jobs or as per pursuing higher studies.

Higher Education in Food Technology

  • To dive in deeper, students can pursue M.Tech or M.Sc in Food Technology on the basis of their interest and eligibility. Both are 2-year courses.
  • Pursuing higher education can help secure better salary packages and also acquire more knowledge about the subject.
  • If you have the mind of a scientist, then after pursuing Masters in Food Technology, you can also go for PhD in Food Technology and carry your research.