International tie-ups of Lovely Professional University have proved to be fruitful and life-altering for the students studying at LPU who are allowed to fulfill their dreams of studying abroad through the university itself. LPU presents a huge opportunity for the students who possess the necessary skills and talents and have cleared the required examinations like the IELTS or TOEFL and acquired the expected scholarship from the university they applied to.

LPU has previously collaborated with numerous international universities high in the world rankings and provided the students the opportunity to go there and gain knowledge in a foreign environment. LPU has an incredible program for the same, i.e., the semester-exchange program where the students can plan a semester or two after the first or second year of their degree in a foreign university keeping in mind various terms and conditions. It is a wonderful method to obtain both a local as well as a global degree during the same tenure of 3-4 years. You even don’t have to bear the full fees of the university as you’ll be given admission on a 100% scholarship or at very affordable fees for the time given.

Similarly, this time again, as a legacy that continues, LPU has collaborated with another international university in Poland, The University of Lodz. It is a public research university that was established in 1945 after Warsaw’s destruction, i.e., it is 77 years old! It has a capacity of more than 25,000 students and 2,500 teachers and has 260 partner institutions ranging from all major universities and countries like the University of Baltimore, University of Texas, and Towson University to Lovely Professional University now. It has QS World overall ranking between 801-1000 in 2022 and THE World ranking as 1001+ in 2020. It is placed third within its country in the structure of Economic Sciences, placed second among the universities in Poland in terms of law endeavour, and placed fourth in terms of international prestige as ranked by the QS rankings.

This tie-up has opened-up new possibilities in the Polish land and permitted students to explore the new ventures offered by the university on foreign terrain. The University of Lodz also participates in research exchange programs namely Campus Europae, Erasmus Mundus, Scholarship and Training Found, etc.

The students here are also allowed to graduate with dual diplomas. Combined, it is a wholesome experience and the one studying will truly have a delightful time fulfilling their needs!