Being an LPUian, ‘6 Nerves’ is a name known to each one of us, a band that has penetrated our hearts to the very core with its incredible music. The type of music that inflates our hearts and revives our soul, making us cherish the moments spent with them merrily. 6 Nerves has created much hustle and bustle in LPU when they arrived at the campus on 22nd April 2022 under Student Organization Oasis and Ojasvi and performed a live music concert for the students.

This time too, they commenced with a bang! They marked this Independence Day more special for all of us with their immense patriotism and music. The concert begun at 6 pm on 15th August 2022 in the Baldev Raj Mittal Unipolis to celebrate the 75th year of independence of India and had a blast! Having attended the band show live, I realised what a real concert feels like and the emotions it instills. Not that I haven’t attended a live concert at LPU before, but a concert on such a special occasion with a thread of your favourite patriotic songs hits different. And that’s what it felt like, a wave of fresh air!

There are 6 members of the band, Neeraj Anand– the lead singer of the band, Sagar Chauhan, Tanpreet Sondh, John Jeenu, and Niraj Singh, all of whom create the core music that brings live to everything Neeraj sings! They sang songs like “Oh Desh Mere”, “Teri Mitti” and other patriotic songs like “Mera Rang de Basanti Chola”, “Ae Watan”, “Chak de India”, “Nanha Munha Raahi Hoon” as per the mood of the audience who went berserk during the concert and ended the evening with our national anthem and a “Once More” chant from everyone, even the girls who refused to leave the show!

The evening was enlightened with the 6 musicians who allowed the audience and all of us to sing along, making the moments more cherishing and unforgettable for us!! We wish more such bands visit our campus to make us cherish the time with full enthusiasm and excitement!