Today, we have an exciting news for you! LPU is so proud and ecstatic to announce that two of our faculty members have been appointed as Leading Scientists for a ground-breaking project worth RUB 90 million at Southern Federal University, Russia. With such a significant investment, the project is expected to have a major impact on the scientific community and beyond.

This mega Project namely “Hybrid neuroelectronics of robotic complexes and systems of artificial intelligence based on biocompatible memristive nanomaterials” worth a funding Amount of 90 Million Rubles is in collaboration with Research Laboratory Neuroelectroпics апd Memristive Naпomaterials (NEUROMENA Lab) of the Institute оf Nanotechnologies, Electronics and Equipment Engineering, Southern Federal University (SFedU), Russia. 

Prof. Lovi Raj Gupta, Pro-vice Chancellor, LPU, has been appointed as a Leading Scientist in this project. Whereas, Prof. Chander Prakash, Dean and Head, Division Research & Development, LPU has been appointed as a Leading Scientist and Co-Head of the project.

This opportunity got realized with resolute and astounding support and assistance from Dr Aman Mittal, Vice President, LPU, and Navin Aggarwal and team at the Division of International Affairs at Lovely Professional University.

The purpose of the current project is to develop the element base for hybrid neuromorphic systems based on biocompatible memristive nanomaterials to develop technologies for the synthesis of metal oxide films and new gradient oxide nanocomposites, oxide nanostructures, and 2D materials with increased operational parameters, to develop the designs and manufacturing technologies for memristor crossbars and programming algorithms for neural networks based on them, to model, manufacture and research prototypes of hybrid neuromorphic systems that perform the main cognitive functions of robotic complexes, artificial intelligence systems and microprocessor computer architecture of a new generation.

Furthermore, the objective of the project is to create a world-class laboratory “Neuroelectronics and Memristive Nanomaterials” at the Southern Federal University, Russia, and the “Centre of Excellence on Testing & Characterization of Neuromorphic Nanomaterials” at Lovely Professional University, India under supervision leading scientist of SFedU and LPU.

This appointment of our top faculty members is a testament to Lovely Professional University’s commitment to advancing research and creating a culture of excellence. It will be interesting to see the progress and results of this project in the coming years.