Lovely Professional University’s Department of Computer Science & Engineering strengthens its corporate ties using a few ways: Firstly, by crafting an industry-relevant curriculum that includes projects, internships, and mentoring by international faculty having years of experience; Secondly, by harnessing the vast networks of Lovely Professional University’s Board of Directors, comprising top executives. And finally, by tapping into Lovely Professional University’s extensive alumni network of more than 71,000 students, spanning 150 countries and over 126 startups. Internships at Lovely Professional University facilitate Vertos an opportunity to immerse in the corporate sector and address contemporary challenges.

Yet again, it’s high time we applaud Lovely Professional University’s B.Tech. Computer Science Engineering prodigy Sanjay Gandhi, for bagging a record-breaking placement with Google LLC at a grand super dream CTC of 48 Lacs. Google LLC is an American multinational product-based tech firm that offers a wide variety of internet-oriented services and products.

For more than a decade, Lovely Professional University has been dedicated to academic excellence and nurturing students’ personal growth. Since its inception in 2005, Lovely Professional University has spawned some of the finest industrialists and business leaders. Thanks to achievers like Sanjay Gandhi, the Lovely Professional University brand has become akin to Indian tech acumen and a can-do corporate mentality. The Department of Computer Science & Engineering’s continuing the tradition so that Vertos, the Gen Z’s corporate leaders, may succeed in a hyper-competitive environment.

At Lovely Professional University, you’ll find a curriculum curated by intellectual luminaries, tethered by utopian digital infrastructure, and backed by deep industry ties, ensuring the welfare of our Vertos. Through all these years of diligence, Lovely Professional University has crafted its own distinct identity, and we Vertos are the hallmark of this identity. The Vertos way is to walk on the road not taken, make bold moves, be the first to respond to the industry’s changing needs, and serve as benchmarks for others to follow.