A hub for aspiring game developers and designers; the School of Multimedia Design at Lovely Professional University has trained its students to publish 20+ games on the Google Play Store, in just a year. This is indeed a remarkable accolade for young designers at LPU.

On the online Google Play store, billions of people around the world find their favourite apps, games, movies, TV shows, books, and more of their choice. To date, it provides 2 million apps & games by generating hundreds of billion dollars in earnings for developers.

Among the notable games developed by LPU students, “Do You Dare” stands out as a flagship accomplishment. It not only showcases students’ technical prowess but also conveys a valuable message to society of accepting challenges for golden success. Here, the player faces daring challenges, clever puzzles, and hard obstacles, by creating an engaging adventure regardless of the game’s size. It showcases student-creator’s mastery of light control, clever level design, and addictive challenges, embodying the spirit of boldness and originality.

LPU’s Multimedia Design students published 20+ Gaming Apps on Google Play Store in just a year

Moreover, in an ever-evolving world of technology, new trends like Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and the concept of the Meta-verse have taken centre stage. Companies like Facebook, Google, and Microsoft are at the forefront of these innovations. Inspired by these advancements, LPU students have also delved into the development of AR/VR applications.

Lauding their mentors, LPU’s B Design students for gaming apps; Deepanshu Soni, Latika, Arpit, Abhishek & Jaskaran share: “Many more games are ready for final development. Be ready to embrace the charm and innovation of “indie” gaming as one dares to take on challenges of unforgettable adventure.”

Presently, “Indie” games have become a phenomenon in the entertainment industry, where anyone can become rich and famous only through their skills and abilities. With the support and mentorship of their trainers at LPU, students are establishing themselves as the leading game developers in India and worldwide.

In fact, the Multimedia design course is multidisciplinary, which covers many fields including motion graphics, animation, cinematography, modelling, story-boarding, visual effects, texturing and more. LPU students are given hands-on training & skills to work with various design & animation tools and technology. They create engaging presentations of images and information for various media including the Web, television, movies, and video games. The top recruiting companies for them are Amazon, Trident, some private design studios, architecture firms and more.