* Thrust areas were: Engineering & Technology; Agriculture; Basic, Health & Allied Sciences; Management & Social Sciences; and, Applied Arts

* LPU’s Department of Student Research & Projects (under the aegis of Student Welfare Wing) celebrated the innovation and creativity of the students

The Department of Student Research & Projects (under the aegis of Student Welfare Wing) at Lovely Professional University (LPU) celebrated two-day innovation and creativity of the students by showcasing 750+ innovative projects. This occasion was the annual ‘Innovation & Graduating Project Expo-2024- ‘INNOTEK’ held at Baldev Raj Mittal Unipolis of the university. Thrust areas for the annual showcasing were: Engineering & Technology; Agriculture; Basic, Health & Allied Sciences; Management & Social Sciences; and, Applied Arts. Elite Guests from the projects related industry judged the endeavours of promising LPU students.

Pro Chancellor at LPU, Mrs Rashmi Mittal declared the expo open for all other students to look at and invited experts from the industry to assess LPU students’ innovative creativity. Mrs Mittal invoked creative students to learn from one-another being amid a large diversity at the campus, from across the country and the globe. Diversity under different disciplines helps create innovations and novel ideas. Take innovative ideas to the next level to emerge as change makers, going in accordance with LPU’s philosophy of “Think Big”.

LPU’s Unipolis looked like a broad tech park as hundreds of projects from different domains were showcased. Students’ projects created from the past a year were showcased to motivate the developers and inspire the junior students. Each project was unique in its type but some of the projects took the limelight.

LPU’s incredible minds from different domains presented their aloof creations including those from the Robotics and Drones.  The ground breaking robotic invention ‘HEXDOC’ is designed to address the pressing issue of collisions and accidents during construction and excavation processes, particularly in tunnels and caves. It can play a pivotal role in rescue operations, utilizing its unique capabilities to navigate through tight spaces. Remarkably, it requires only a 1-foot by 1-foot opening to pass through blockades that would otherwise be inaccessible to humans. By mapping and analyzing the surroundings, HEXDOC provides rescue teams with accurate paths and routes to reach victims efficiently, as was needed in the tunnel collapse in Uttrakhand, sometimes back. One of its remarkable features is an advanced sensing unit- divided into two parts: environment and victim.

Other projects included cost effective and low current oriented ‘Patrol Vehicle’; Paddle Horse to cater to modern & ancient culture; Innovative replica of Vikram Lander & Pragyan Rover; Cost effective High Speed Tool Changer- 3 D Printer; Hybrid Go-Kart; AI based Sugar Level Detector from human sweat instead of blood; dress in the form of carry bag to be utilized during shopping; Insects bio-robot to save crops; Rapid Roots to supplement Agri-growths by utilizing LPU students created special powder of a Chemical-mix and socially useful many more.

Prior to showcasing, Pro Vice Chancellor Dr Lovi Raj Gupta guided students about making illustrious projects stepwise by finding problem statement; solution to be made thereof; think how better it would be than others; and, how well understood being cost effective as well. Invited industry guest, President, Ganga Acro-wools Ltd, Shri Amit Thapar appreciated LPU’s progressive and scientific environment for the development of students. He advised students that creativity is always the best when one wants to achieve and not to beat others. Create something better than others.

LPU continues to be a breeding ground for preparing students as future leaders, innovators, and change-makers. They showed the heights of brilliance achieved. The world knows how LPU students have also innovated marvels like Metal Magna, Flying Farmer Drone, Solar Automation Bus and Electric Car. This expo gave an insight into the unlimited potential of tomorrow’s innovators who are being groomed and educated by the best mentors at LPU. The future at LPU is sure to be filled with more and more new and top-notch innovations.