“Life doesn’t put a limit on how much you can learn, you do.” – Matshona Dhliwayo

Despite all the limits, you are the one who could put in the work that gets you on board to the list of the people who are called limitless. Out of all the things that define you, you are defined by the passion that you carry within your heart. The world does not set your limit. Your own endeavors and goals define you. In these competitive times, it is becoming harder and harder to prove oneself. The beauty of success is in the journey that keeps the stake high and maintains the value for a person.

Lovely Professional University has never believed in any limits and has never set any for its own vertos as well. Transforming education means providing holistic growth to shape the best future. Vertos never let anyone define their destiny rather they take upon all the opportunities offered by the university. One such verto, the student of B.Tech CSE, Shubham Wadhwa, who has won the Gold Medal in All India Para Table Tennis Championship Goa 2023.

We’re extremely proud of our Verto who has proved that nothing is impossible with the appropriate mentorship and strong grit! There are times when you feel low or doubt yourself in your pursuits but to look that self-doubt in the eyes and realize your true potential is what our fellow verto has been able to achieve.