At the 70th Annual Llangollen cultural festival held in United Kingdom (UK), students from Lovely Professional University (LPU) enthralled a global audience with vibrant shades of Punjab.

The Llangollen festival, the oldest cultural festival is a six-day festival which takes place every year in the small Welsh town of Llangollen. Singers and dancers from around the world are invited to take part in over 20 competitions followed each evening by concerts on the main stage. A parade is held on the Tuesday of the Eisteddfod week, in which both the locals and visitors, take part dancing, singing, and playing musical instruments, whilst marching the streets of Llangollen.

LPU’s team was invited at this prestigious event for cultural presentations in three categories: Instrumental Ensemble (Competition D1), Choreographed Stylized Folk Dance (Competition C2) and Cultural Showcase (Competition C5). Hundreds of teams from countries including the USA, Australia, China, England, Spain, Scotland, South Africa, Estonia, Indonesia, Zimbabwe, Kyrgyzstan, Northern Ireland, Philippines participated in over 100 cultural competitions in various categories in this week-long event. The cultural performances showcased the vibrant traditions treasured by their country and their ambitions and personalities.

Dr. Sorabh Lakhanpal, head of the Department of Cultural Affairs at LPU who was leading the team at the fest, shares, “It was indeed a unique and a proud opportunity for us to showcase our cultural heritage at an international platform.”