LPU Students Win Car Design Competitions In China And Noida

LPU Students Win Car Design Competitions In China And Noida


LPU Engineering Students got ‘Level One Position’ at ‘Delta Automation Contest’ held in China

  • 75+ Asian teams from China, India, Taiwan and Thailand competed in the finals of prestigious international forum ‘Delta Cup 2017’
  • The 4th Delta Advanced Automation Contest-2017 was organized in Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China
  • Contest was sponsored by ‘Teaching Automation Technology Steering Committee’, Ministry of Education, China

Jalandhar: A team of three engineering students of Lovely Professional University has recently got ‘Level One Position’ at ‘4th Delta Automation Contest-2017’, which was held in Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province of China. More than 75 Asian teams from China, India, Taiwan and Thailand competed in the finals of this prestigious international forum. This contest was sponsored by ‘Teaching Automation Technology Steering Committee’, Ministry of Education of China. Held annually, it is an innovative technology competition for automation applications. This year the theme of the contest was “Seeking Smart Manufacturing Talents”.

LPU students’ software and hardware based semi-robot project is named as ‘‘Picasso 4.0’’, after the great Spanish painter ‘Picasso’. This robot is capable of performing all painting, engraving and designing services on walls and vertical surfaces. This project is designed and developed by LPU students- Arnab Kumar Das (B Tech ECE); Veluguri Vinod (B Tech Mech); and Nikhil Goyal (B Tech ECE).  The robot uses different tools to paint, draw and engrave as per the computer feedings preferred by the user. The painting system is automatic and there is no self inspection system. Manually, one has to only ensure that enough paint is there in the reservoir.  All of the members in the judging panel, comprised of industry professionals, experienced professors, and senior technical directors from the Delta Group, liked LPU students’ project unanimously.

It is highlighting that this was the first time when the students from India participated for Delta Cup, and showing their extra ordinary skills bagged the level one position only in their first participation. Prior to this, in the initial stages of the competition, only 3 teams, including that of LPU were selected from a total of 52 aspiring teams from across India. The two other teams from India selected were from Vellore’s VIT and Gurugram’s NCU. These three teams represented India and presented their innovative project proposals in China, where LPU team got the coveted position.

Congratulating the winning students, LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal says: “I am happy to see that our hard working students have applied the best integration of theory and real practice in their innovative painting robot.  I advise all other students also to keep on developing their innovation capacity and spirit of cooperation to come out with such common consumer oriented projects. I also suggest that such works are sure to transform students into global leaders in their related fields.”

Formula Car Designing Team clinched 2nd Position among 126 Teams from across India including IITs’

· Occasion was 6th edition of Supra SAEINDIA 2017contest at Buddha International Circuit, Greater Noida · Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL) & Society ofAutomotive Engineers India (SAEINDIA) had conducted the contest · Over 3000 students from various engineeringinstitutions, including top IITs and NITs across India had competed in theevent · Skills-competition aimed to provide students an innovativeout-of-classroom education to prove their capability in designing ‘FormulaPrototype Car’ Jalandhar:MarutiSuzuki India Limited (MSIL) & Society of Automotive Engineers India(SAEINDIA) conducted six-day long ‘Formula Car Designing’ contest, whereMechanical Engineering Students’ team ‘Illuminati Racers’ of LovelyProfessional University clinched 2nd position among competing 126teams from across India including top IITs’. Over 3000 students from variousengineering institutions, including top IITs and NITs across India had competedin the event. Occasion was 6th edition of ‘Supra SAEINDIA 2017’ contest held atBuddha International Circuit, Greater Noida. This mechanical engineering topskills-competition aimed to provide students an innovative, hands-on andout-of-classroom education to prove their capability in designing formulaprototype car and its plying on the destined circuit with stipulated number oflaps. LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal congratulated the students’ team andinvoked all other students to keep the winning spirit ever up. In this six-day long inter-college formula carcompetitive event, students conceived, designed and fabricated the ‘prototype’based on predefined rules and design standards of SAE International.

To conformto international guidelines, LPU team’s prototype went through strict levels ofscrutiny including Technical Inspection (Scrutiny, Tilt Test, Noise and BrakeTest), Static events (Cost, Marketing & Design presentations), and Dynamicevents (Acceleration, Skid pad, Autocross & Endurance). Out of participating 126 teams, only 30 teams wereable to clear the ‘Technical Inspection’ and ‘Static Round’ to qualify for‘Dynamic events’, and LPU team ‘Illuminati Racers’ was one of them. LPU teamwon the second place in the Autocross event and was honoured with cash award& a winning trophy. LPU Formula car was designed by a group of 25 studentsfrom School of Mechanical Engineering, which was guided by Head of the School(HOS) Prof Gurpreet Singh Phull and Assistant Prof Sumit Kanchan. LPU Students’Team Captain and Driver-1 was Rishabh Shukla, and Vice-Captain and Driver-2 wasAkshay Zerath. During the honouring ceremony, Executive AdvisorMaruti Suzuki India & Chairman Engineering Education Board (SAE India) Mr IV Rao; President, SAEINDIA Dr R K Malhotra; Executive Director (Engineering)Maruti Suzuki India & Chairman Supra 2017 Mr C V Raman; and, ExecutiveDirector (Marketing & Sales) Maruti Suzuki India Mr R S Kalsi graced theoccasion to encourage and award the winning students in different categories. E&OE