Coming from a family of travelers; every month while passing the Jalandhar to Ludhiana highway, there were two places that fascinated me the most, the first was McDonalds for the french fries cravings, and the second was a university with a military tank on the main gate, LPU.

I came here to study B.Sc. Chemistry, but more importantly, to experience what it’s like being in a 600 acre country having over 30,000 on-campus stories.

After joining LPU, I felt like I’m exposed to the real world. Sitting in the robot park with 10 friends from 10 disciplines, discussing the 10 aspects of an idea; exploring interests in the classrooms and the workshops; discovering the talents that lie within after 5 at DSW, helped me grow as a person, rather than becoming a robot working 9 to 5 in front of a computer.

As a student here, I realized that the friend with whom I was enjoying last night at EDM is a national level debater; the faculties teaching me are international level researchers; the theater coaches are professional actors. In short, people here are not an ordinary crowd, but brilliant brains with unmatchable energy. 

Everyday, the individual energy combines and channelizes in the form of academic achievements, innovations, new publications and start ups. 

Like me, everyone who dreams of a university life full of thrill and learning, LPU is the best place. It will not let the child who dreams die within you, and still make you ready for the upcoming challenges. 

Life at LPU is not less than a rollercoaster ride, there are numerous twists and turns, ups and downs. Everyday, new opportunities are posted in the announcement section of UMS. Great is your willingness to invest in yourself.