* International studies aspiring students are to join semester exchange through LPU’s International tie-ups programme

* LPU is continuously facilitating international education opportunities to its students with tuition fee waivers, and foreign degrees

* LPU has 300+ international collaborations with top foreign universities of the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and more

Two of the BBA students, Aiman Fatma and Vidushi Tripathi, of Lovely Professional University (LPU) have joined a semester exchange programme in United Kingdom’s Birmingham City University. Both of them have received an ERASMUS+ funding of 4161.05 GBP each, along with a 100% tuition fee waiver. It is certain to shape their personal and professional growth. Many LPU students have already availed such opportunities in various other international universities of top countries.

LPU’s Vice President Dr Aman Mittal, who also governs international affairs, congratulated the promising students of the university. Dr Mittal apprised, “LPU is facilitating hundreds of its students to help them study abroad. It is through various opportunities like student exchanges, credit transfer programs and joint research publications. LPU has collaborated with more than 300 universities in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada and more.”

In fact, working with the top foreign universities, LPU is a globally connected university to keep on providing students with a truly global experience. It has developed a series of international study programmes with partner universities. These instill a sense of global citizenship and international understanding in the students. It also enables them to be successfully competitive in the world. Thus, an increasing number of LPU students are gaining success in their careers through such international education offerings.

In the study abroad offering from LPU, a student can get a degree from a partner foreign university. Here, LPU’s international division helps its students to pick a study abroad program which fulfills their career aspirations. LPU not only offers semester exchange programs but also goes for a number of planned transfer and articulation pathways. These are for students who wish to complete their studies elsewhere in the world.

The International transfer is done through very careful mapping of courses so that credits earned at LPU can be transferred to the host University. LPU gets the international transfer to assure that courses completed at LPU will not have to be repeated at the Partnering University accepting the transferred student. In such a case a student gets the final degree from the Partner University.

LPU’s articulation partners comprise highly ranked and globally well-known universities in countries such as Canada, UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, France, Italy and many other countries in Europe. As such, a student starts with a top Indian university- LPU, and finishes with an international degree.