Well, let’s ask this question first, who are business analysts? A business analyst analyses, processes, filters, and modifies data to achieve certain business objectives and decisions to increase efficiency and performance. There is a continuous process of research and analysis to develop new solutions to offer the clients and this takes a lot of training and knowledge which can be attained through the vigorous curriculum set by Mittal School of Business, LPU.

Yes! The most in-demand jobs of the century ranging from data scientist to data analyst and business analyst will seem a lot more reachable if you are a part of the MBA (Business Analytics) specialization offered by Mittal School of Business. After completing the first module of the first semester of this program, I have come to understand how this specialization differs from the other specializations of MBA, where we are provided an industry-oriented program tied up with KPMG with the technical subjects and computer languages taught to us by industry experts.

In this curriculum, we are taught basic business subjects like corporate finance, financial accounting, international business, marketing, organizational behaviour, analytical skills, research methodology (statistics), and many other subjects that will be applicable to the next modules. If you are an MBA student, you will be having similar subjects in the first semester, and you might be wondering what the difference between general and specialization is.

The major difference is that in industry-oriented programs, we are made to learn certain courses designed by the industry experts and in our case, subjects like MySQL, Python, Tableau, R Programming language, machine learning, deep learning, Scala, etc. which focuses on developing our skills for the required stream and be industry ready. Even if you have zero coding knowledge or a non-commerce background, you don’t need to worry as everything would be presented to you from scratch and you will be treated as equals.

So, that was an overview regarding one of the most useful and developed subjects in industry right now, and if you are even a little bit oriented towards data science, opt for it without giving it a second thought as it is the one field that will never go down!