The Vertos of Lovely Professional University have consistently showcased their competence through numerous achievements, spanning from their early years in elementary school to national-level competitions. With a long-standing reputation for offering exceptional professional education, Lovely Professional University is frequently chosen by Fortune 500 companies as a preferred recruiting destination. Moreover, a significant number of Vertos placed on campus secure lucrative CTCs. LPU’s curriculum provides an unparalleled experience for the currently enrolled students at Lovely Professional University.

Eight exceptional Vertos have secured extraordinary placement at Infra.Market, each commanding a staggering salary of 24.5 Lakhs INR. This achievement not only signifies the enduring legacy of LPU’s impressive placement track record but also underscores its continuous growth and development. These remarkably accomplished individuals hail from the esteemed School of Computer Science and Engineering, reflecting the department’s unwavering commitment to academic excellence. Among them, are Simran Das and Sulekh Suman, students in B. Tech CSE Hons., along with Ravinder Thalor, Saksham Sharma, Sourav Raj, Mohammad Shahnawaz Malik, Lovesh Goel, and Pankaj Kumar, all students pursuing B.Tech CSE.

8 LPU Vertos Placed at Infra.Market at a Whooping Package of 24.5 Lacs!

Simran Das is a dedicated front-end developer committed to delivering outcome-driven results to clients. With her exceptional capabilities, she handles development at its core while maintaining a deterministic approach. She has completed several certification courses, including Full Stack Web Programming in Node.js, Advanced Front-End Web Development with React, and UI/UX. Sulek Suman, a web developer from Bihar, excels across the entire technology stack. He holds a 5-star rating on CodeChef and a 6-star rating on HackerRank. On LeetCode, he has successfully solved over 800 coding questions, demonstrating his strong grasp of programming languages, data structures, and algorithms.

Sourav Raj’s passion lies in cyber security and cloud computing. His expertise in programming languages such as Java, Python, C++, and C allows him to translate project requirements into technological solutions. Md Shahnawaz, known for his proficiency in MySQL, Python, and C++, has successfully solved over 400 LeetCode questions. Additionally, he completed a competitive programming certification course focused on the C++ programming language offered by CipherSchools.

Lovesh Goel, an LPU-NSS volunteer, served as a member of the Technical Team for the Student Research and Project Cell. He possesses skills in data structures, algorithms, and C++. Moreover, he completed Data Science certification courses offered by Coursera. Pankaj Kumar is a highly skilled competitive programmer with expertise in problem-solving, data structures, and algorithms. He has practical experience working with JavaScript and React.js. Pankaj has solved 400 questions on LeetCode and completed certification programs such as Programming Pathshala’s Mastering Data Structure, Algorithms, and System Design and Coding Ninjas’ Introduction to C++.

On behalf of the entire LPU community, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the 8 Vertos on their remarkable achievement.