Mahesh Bhatt Was at LPU for His Play “Baat Niklegi Toh”


Mahesh Bhatt’s visit left everyone overwhelmed and excited. But, this was not it. The illustrious Bollywood Director was here for the staging of his play, ‘Baat Niklegi Toh’. The play set everyone in the audience in a contemplative mood. Mahesh Bhatt was given a rousing welcome by the LPU Students. LPU Chancellor, Ashok Mittal and Pro-Chancellor, Rashmi Mittal also graced this event.

Mahesh Bhatt was at LPU for his Play "Baat Niklegi Toh"
Mr Mahesh Bhatt being welcomed by LPU Students

The play was directed by Viren Basoya and written by Dinesh Gautam. The play based in the 1990s was themed on touching issues like Mandal Commission, Communal riots, and Liberalisation. It can be defined as “A tale of hardship, strife and love”. It featured actors Imran Zahid, Bhumika Singh and Akshita Sharma. The play is set when newspapers were flooded with news of issues like Babri Masjid and reservation. The story revolves around a boy whose family struggles with immense hardships and hurdles but yet the boy succeeds by becoming an IAS Officer.

Mahesh Bhatt was at LPU for his Play "Baat Niklegi Toh"

The play delivered the message that it all depends on the young generation and the go-getter who decides how to make his/her life successful.  One should dream, and work hard to achieve those dreams while sticking to one’s core principles. The event also provided a unique opportunity to students of LPU School of Journalism and Film Production who aspire to be filmmakers in future.