Needless to say, it’s easy to go unnoticed in large lecture classes. And yet, some of the professors will try to combat that with spontaneous attendance quizzes. So, if you’re totally not sure how to handle large lecture-based classes, here are some tips and tricks:

  • Get an idea of what is being taught today.

LectureIt’s awesome to read the topics and then attend the class. Just the rough sketch about the concepts to be taught. This not only helps you grasp things easily but also prevents boredom to enter the mind. Maximizes the concentration on the subject and you learn easily and efficiently. You won’t even realize that the lecture was long.

  • Ask questions, basic questions and clear your doubts.

LectureLong duration classes give opportunities to students for clearing their doubts and enabling them to grasp the basic, confusing questions. Best time to clear them up. The teacher as well feels great and teaches with much greater passion when the students are up for it.

  • Take an interesting text with yourself.

LectureNot every large lecture has interesting stuff rolling through the class. It makes no sense revising stuff in which you’re already good at. So it may be boring for some students. You can take some better interesting stuff to read in the class when you’re in that zone of boredom. Read it and utilize your brain and time.

  • Questions against the notion.

LectureThere is a lot of time, so you can ask the “Why’s” and “How’s” concerning the concept being taught. A great time to brainstorm and debate over something. Not only it strengthens your concepts, but the students of the class part-take as well when it’s crispy and interesting. So don’t miss it, it’s your chance to clear up those concepts in the most precise way. I always used to question the teacher and trust me it gets better when the teacher’s knowledge base reaches its maximum and you’re enjoying as it’s enlightening.

  • Or can have a little fun as well

LectureThere’s always time to have fun. After all, life is all about being happy and learning together. Although, you should consider good caution, as the repercussions may be unexpected sometimes, so take care!

Large lectures are fun if you know the “how-to’s”. Just make the most out of them and enjoy college life!