When you are attending a technical interview, it means you have successfully squeezed yourself through the online tests of that particular company. Technical interviews are the broader versions of those online tests, with an added catch of the interviewers testing you on a wide range of topics in your domain.

In this type of interview, interviewers often ask the candidates to either solve and code a particular problem, debug an already existing code, or in some cases, design and explain the architecture of a system along with some additional required features.

A technical interview is an efficient way to figure out how a candidate approaches solving a real-world problem. It brings the candidate’s skills to the table and mirrors the thinking process while solving a problem. To sum it up, technical interviews are one of the stepping stones for getting a job, making it one of the crucial aspects of interview preparation.

Some tips and tricks to ace the technical interviews are:

KYC is a Top Priority

The first step is doing your KYC (Know Your Company) right. However, KYC, in this case, is slightly different. For technical interviews, you need to search the previously asked questions on Google and YouTube. Sometimes, questions asked in an interview get repeated. Thus, glancing at the previously asked questions will give you an edge in such cases.

Websites such as LeetCode, GeeksforGeeks, and InterviewBit are the best sources to solve the previously asked questions and read the interview experiences of that particular company.

Brush Up your Basics

Indulging in covering complex topics sometimes makes the basics go under the shed. Although it’s essential to answer the tough questions in the interviews, imagine the scenario if you fail to answer the most basic question in your domain. Fumbling at complex questions in understandable, no interviewer expects the candidate to have a complete answer in her mind. But the same thing for the basic questions will significantly downgrade our image in front of the interviewers. Hence, do not forget your basics during your interview preparations.

Have Patience and Keep Calm

When the interviewers ask a question, you already know the answer, or you don’t. Let’s discuss both cases. If you know the answer, take a minute and repeat the question in your head. Is the answer present in your mind go along with the question asked? The interviewers sometimes change the standard questions, be careful of that. So, take your time and reply wisely.

If you don’t know the answer, don’t just give up. Use counter-questions to get a clearer picture and discuss the problem with the interviewers. Sometimes conversations can do wonders to bring you the answer and are especially effective in the case of coding questions.

Have a Sound Knowledge of Your Projects and Experiences

Technical Interviews

A technical interview is not only about questions and answers. It is a discussion of your overall technical knowledge and skills that you have acquired till now. Your projects and your previous internships (if any) will surely come up in the interview.

The interviewers might ask about the tech stacks you have used and the explanation of the architecture. They might even ask about your intuition behind the implementation. The best you can do to face the questions from your resume is to traverse the project before the interview, review the codes and be clear about the project to avoid fumbling when asked.