As our day begins with the sound of alarms ringing loud, our sulking faces snooze it till we realize that it is high time we need to get up, slowly easing ourselves from the Blanket, and proceeding to start our day. Generally in a world now driven with more of Short term commitments, social media dependence, inconsistency riding most of our faces, our days usually start in an underwhelming manner. We set expectations on huge levels, or at least that is what society expects us to do. Now we, being late 20th and early 21st century people, have this benefit of getting a lot of things, which not all our earlier generations enjoyed.

We happen to be part of a more well connected and networked world where almost everything is becoming Open Source. As there is an improvement in Technology from time to time, things have started becoming easier and easier for us. But as the materialistic things are becoming easier, are we mentally becoming stronger? In this Era where man has become a materialistic animal, it is our responsibility to see that though we are aiming for something in the long run, sometimes it is the little things that matter the most.


Yes, everyone comes across situations that make them feel stressed, traumatic and they could be labyrinthine, that sometimes it takes a lifetime worth of time to figure what is happening or to get out of it. Maybe that is the purpose of life, given that we are unique beings, I strongly believe that each person has this purpose which makes him/her traverse through the years right from an infant to an elderly adult on a planet surrounded by many other such creations. We prefer to be in our comfort zone, because there is this block of responsibilities that fall on our shoulders, surviving our way. There’ll be pressures to be successful, earn a lot of money, buy this buy that, marry him, marry her, but ultimately what remains constant is YOU, and there’s nothing static that is going to be stuck with you. Everything changes and so do you.

Maybe it is a tendency where we don’t immediately react to situations that sometimes are beyond our reach, for we have created a front where we get a lot directly, without having much to focus on the root. But considering the different problems that the previous generations faced and those which we are facing, we must always be in a stage where we are trying our maximum to solve them, and not just ours; if obtained the opportunity, helping those who need a hand is something great, we as people can do. Now I’m sure some of them are not in our hands, but as a fellow human being, we could try to help them in achieving the heights where they want to reach. Not every time it seems easy, because like earlier mentioned, not everyone is the same, and their ideologies may differ. Ultimately, it’s the effort and interest they put that matters, and we must head boost their confidence in making them realize their worth, or if not, help them improve their skills and lead them to a path where they might not always depend on a shoulder in the future. Because in the end, being an independently sustainable individual with a decent livelihood and amazing sleep in a good habitat is what we as humans need.


Everyone out there is fighting a war, and every war is personal, and now in times of a pandemic, being nice to them is the only gift we can give, there are a lot of people who lost their lives due to their carelessness of them or others, people are working hard day and night so that they can cure the people affected, people are sacrificing their lives so that we can be safe and breathe properly. So please, whenever you wake up in the morning, irrespective of the time, be grateful that you have survived the night, you have a body that allows you to perform your activities, a roof under which you are living safely, shower gratitude and start appreciating things no matter how big or small it is, that makes you as well as the others around you feel light and carry a positive aura around you all day.