Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” Not everyone is blessed with a skill one of its kind. Also, on the other side of the silver lining, nothing is impossible. Keeping this as the key to new heights to be accomplished, LPU hosts another big event “National Painting and Sculpture Camp 2020”.

The Department of Fine Arts in collaboration with Karnataka Lalit Kala and Shilpa Kala Academy brought Art itself to the campus through this. The five-day camp from 17th Feb terminated with the felicitation ceremony and exhibition of the amazing work done by artists here yesterday.

The National Painting and Sculpture Camp 2020

The camp witnessed participation from professional artists across the nation. Different artists from all around India along with the students were in a different vibe that flowed through their art during these four days. The camp was held basically for the students to get in hands with the new techniques and get familiar with the traditional and modern methods of creating something. But on the other hand, the artists and the visitors of the collaborating committee were left with so many memories and love to take back to their place as addressed by Dr. Mahenndra Sir, Chairman of Lalit Kala Academy, Karnatka during his words of gratitude in the felicitation ceremony.

The artists and their work depict the love and dedication of their skills. They proved their knack and passion by creating different artworks under different titles using their creativity and passion.

Here are a few captures to stumble upon during the event:

The Felicitation Ceremony and the Exhibition

With worthy Pro-Chancellor ma’am Mrs. Rashmi Mittal, Chairman of Lalit Kala academy along with other distinguished dignitaries lit up the ceremony. Started with the aspiring words of Manavpreet Ma’am, HOD of Fine Arts Department at LPU: the event witnessed so much love and applauses of acknowledgement all through, with every people on the podium.

Our Head Ma’am expressed her love for the art and also was so grateful for the event to be conducted on the campus. After the event, Rashmi Ma’am herself went to the exhibition and interacted with every artist thereby witnessing stories on canvas.

Glimpses from the event and the exhibition:

As quoted by Henry Ward Beecher: “Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.” And that’s what artists from different parts of the country made us feel through. The whole fine arts department asked students to create something, paint their story maybe and bring it forward and the university is waiting to showcase the new talents always. Its never all about success and destination we struggle for rather its art for what we actually live for.