If you are not willing to learn,
No one can help you.
If you are determined to learn, 
No one can stop you.

Lovely Professional University, Phagwara offers more than 200 courses under several categories like a diploma, graduation, post-graduation, doctoral levels, etc. At the same time, it facilitates its students and staff with an uncountable number of amenities; be it scholarships, hostels or unlimited food courts. 

A significant point is the presence of facilities like swimming pools, central and departmental libraries, courts for almost all the sports inside the campus. This is how LPU dwells of a perfect amalgamation of education as well as co-curricular and extra-curricular activities for the students to keep their hobbies alive.


Indian culture has always had a propensity towards studies when compared to one’s hobbies and interests. Remarkably, this tradition is transmuting and the interests of an individual other than education have started to get a good amount of attention. Receiving good education directly contributes to the development of an individual in the most important aspects- social, economic, and political.

Being able to socialize in a productive manner boosts the self-confidence to another level. Moreover, being educated lifts you up in the society and keeps you out of any kind of discrimination based on education which clearly gives a sense of security of having a good and respectful place in the society. 

Being educated helps you in becoming financially independent which is an essential element to live one’s life. Without education the struggle doubles or triples to find a job or work to earn a livelihood. And being politically acknowledged means having a clear picture of all the rights that are provided to a citizen of a country and having the power to implement those in one’s life.


Hobbies are the interests one has apart from academics. A person being able to practice his/her hobby would be making wise use of leisure time. Besides, hobbies are one of the biggest stress relievers as they are an individual’s personal interests. Doing what one loves to take a break from the monotonous lifestyle reduces the impact of chronic stress to a great extent. Furthermore, such interests are the orifice of creativity that emboldens one’s mind to pour out the imaginations they have. 

All these hobbies uplift the mood and provide a break from boring routines which in turn refreshes one’s brain, giving out energy to perform further tasks.


Maintaining a proper balance in both education as well as hobbies is pre-supposed for every individual. Also, hobbies can be transformed into passion and then into a profession. LPU is a hub of activities that involves maximum students’ interests. 

For example, One India and One World for dance, Youth Vibe for modeling, dance and many more, inter-college moot courts for law students, national-level debate and public speaking competitions and also sports tournaments. Many more like these are offered to the students with which they can develop a hobby into a career opportunity and look forward to it as a profession.

An individual should never let his/her academics preponderate over their interests and hobbies. Both should be given an equal amount of time and attention so that the hobbies never die!