Dear soon to be college graduate,

For you, life may seem passing you by every minute. Graduation is just around the corner and the real world is waiting for you on its shoreline. You are about to leave years of college behind and figure out who you are and what you’re going to become in the next step of life. This can be thrilling for some and scary for others.

An Open Letter to a soon to be college graduate

When life suddenly changes like this, take it upon yourself to look at the bigger picture. It will always help you to put things in perspective and calm your anxious mind from the growth at hand. In this journey of existence, graduating from college is a brief but highly respected accomplishment. Also remember, it is really just the basics of your life. You are going to have greater experiences, even beyond your expectations that will strongly outweigh college graduation. Don’t take me wrong, you will not be the same person you are right now in this moment. You’ll be on a path of real circumstances that’ll shape you into someone who you either wanted to become or who was created by that reality.

An Open Letter to a soon to be college graduate

Your anxiousness will come from the job that you will land and you would want to get your dream work or fancy paychecks. You will fight many fights and sometimes you’ll fight many at the same time. You’ll let some things go and welcome others with open arms. You will succeed with great integrity or maybe fail with poor judgment. The only thing you need to remember is that if you have the drive within and can continue with your mindset, you are unstoppable.

With the time going faster and not making a stop for anyone, grab this bull by its horns and fight. Walk on that stage with pride, graduate with a smirk, dedicate your life to your dreams and fantasies, keep your head up high and face LIFE. One day, it’ll all come true.