Envision being able to start your own venture with the assistance of your alma mater; want more? Fancy being granted some of that philanthropic cash and maybe some time off from your regular commitments to assist your venture transition to something monumental. It might manifest, seemingly like a dreamy scenario; anyways, who would be interested in investing in some college students; well, that’s just one of the perks of studying under Lovely Professional University’s roof!

Lovely Professional University has an enduring legacy of alumni working with top brands like Apple, Google, Microsoft, etc.; many have gone on to become the founders of unicorns across the globe. The chances are whatever brand’s device you’re using has some Lovely Professional University alumni working over there. However, you can’t hope to sustain yourself over your past laurels, and Lovely Professional University is no exception to that reality. At Lovely Professional University, we continue to back our students to innovate by facilitating Seed Funding and an assortment of industry-relevant courses like B.Tech. (Hons.) CSE (Cyber Security & BlockChain), MBA (Hons.), and the list continues.

We’re no stranger to the fact that the nexus between creativity & productivity is inevitable; you can’t hope to maximize both by doing something in which you aren’t interested; in the first place! That’s why we’re among those rare institutions in the country to have integrated Seed Funding prospects in our programs themselves. Lovely Professional University’s enormous reserves of Seed Money have the capacity to vitalize early-stage collaboration between students, faculty, and researchers, promoting entrepreneurship & research activities to attain strategic objectives. The grant amount depends upon the usage purpose of the seed money; we can disburse the grant amount if your intent of use falls under any of the three segments. Our first segment is one of a kind wherein we grant INR 20,000 to our MBA (Hons.) students for trading in stocks & to our B.Tech. (Hons.) students for designing Programmes, Software or Mobile Applications. Under our second category, we grant students INR 2-5 Lakhs per project for Start-Up/Entrepreneurial Venture. And under our third category, we provide seed grants to our students worth INR 10,000 for Innovation/Research activities.

Since Lovely Professional University’s inception in 2005, our doors were always wide open for thousands of students from across the globe, facilitating expertise & resources throughout every stage of their entrepreneurial journey. Investment is, naturally, another essential commodity for infant ventures aiming to develop & market their products, but they’re rare and always in short supply. Through Lovely Professional University’s seed funding initiatives, we intend to back our students in every way possible, connecting young entrepreneurs with grant opportunities that can open up new possibilities!