Does Hotel Management fascinate you? Does giving a memorable and leisurely experience to people make you happy? Hotel Management is one of the few careers which has existed even in the ancient times. While in the ancient times it meant nothing else than serving the best quality food to the guest in a luxurious ambiance. Today Hotel Management is a booming industry with numerous branches. It is safe to say that it will flourish for many years to come and there’s no way that someone will be unemployable after graduating in HM from a good university.

One of the key skills to make a successful career in Hotel Management is strong interpersonal communication. It is an art to understand the point of view of others, especially when you are working at a place that receives guests from diverse backgrounds. This is something you cannot learn in course books or lectures. This is when the University/college you study in plays an eminent role. Studying at a University like Lovely Professional University where you can interact with people from different states and countries definitely, gives you a competitive edge.

Career in Hotel Management

Do you have a strategic mind? Can you foresee the problems that might arise in the near-future and already have a solution for them? A career in the field of Event Management and Planning will suit you just the best. Besides having a strategic mind, having leadership skills is an additional advantage that will put you much ahead of your competitors. Leadership skills are imperative to be developed and nourished during the time you spend in college. You deserve the opportunities that let you add to your skills. You can choose to add to your current Hotel Management skills by pursuing a Masters degree like, M.Sc(Tourism and Hospitality), M.Sc(Hotel Management) from LPU School of Hotel Management and Tourism which has been ranked on the top by FHRAI(Federation of Hotels and Restaurants Association of India) as of May 2017.

If you always have a smile on your face and are always positive, no matter what, you can do exceptionally well in front office departments.

Whether you choose to be a B.Sc(Hotel Management), BHMCT or BBA(Tourism and Hospitality) or any other course as per your interests, there are limitless ventures you can take on. At LPU, we believe in a growth mindset, which means that skills that you were not born with can be achieved with dedication and hard work. Let nothing limit you. If you believe that Hotel Management and Tourism is what is meant for you, there’s no skill that you cannot inculcate with perseverance.