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Public Speaking

Last day to register for the Speaking Skills and Presentation Event

Effective communication is a vital aspect of daily life, and as a student, you must learn to communicate your thoughts and ideas...
Management Development Program “ V-LEAD” Learn, Engage, Adapt and Demonstrate

Management Development Program V-LEAD – Learn, Engage, Adapt and Demonstrate

A Management Development Program V-LEAD was organized for employees of Midland Microfin Limited, Jalandhar at LPU campus by Corporate Pathshala and Centre...
LPU ranks 3rd on the HackerEarth ranking

LPU ranks 3rd on the HackerEarth ranking

With enticing technologies poised towards becoming mainstream in 2022 fueled by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the need for skilled software developers is anticipated...

Summer School (Professional) 2019

Center for Professional Enhancement I, Lovely Professional University presents Summer School (Professional) 2019 commencing from 10th June 2019. Summer School (Professional) will provide students with various Job Prep and other professional enhancement courses...

Amazon Alexa Developer Community-LPU presenting “ALEXA STUDENT DAY”

Amazon Alexa Developer Community - Lovely Professional University presenting  "ALEXA STUDENT DAY"  in collaboration with Centre For Professional Enhancement-III. Join us for this apprehensive yet amusing...
Center for Professional Enhancement

Centre for Professional Enhancement

We, at Lovely Professional University (LPU), believe that professional enhancement inputs supplement the academic curriculum and help prepare students to participate actively in the...