With enticing technologies poised towards becoming mainstream in 2022 fueled by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the need for skilled software developers is anticipated to outclass the demands for any other profession. Although new employment opportunities emerge on a daily basis, the charisma of software developers (or programmers) in any organization remains paramount.

Every year, over a million new users join the HackerEarth plan to enhance their coding proficiency, establishing it as one of the most popular coding communities for developers all around the world. With over 800+ multinational enterprises getting indulged with the platform to hire brilliant minds, the HackerEarth has become the go-to platform for recruiters to gauge tech talent throughout the world.

Although campus placements are still the most prevalent way to hire talents in India. Starting from multinational corporations to small enterprises, both begin their hunt to hire the top talent on the very first day of the placement season.

Lovely Professional University has always been one of the recruiter favorites for hiring brilliant minds. On the HackerEarth network, after scrutinizing over 27 million entries and 700 programming contests, Lovely Professional University swept away many other top tier Indian varsities and ranked third on the HackerEarth rankings concerning the programming skills of the students, scoring a whopping 181.2 points surpassing over 6900 institutions globally, including most IITs, NITs, and IIITs. It’s not just the students of the Department of Computer Science & Engineering participating in such competitions. At Lovely Professional University, Vertos from different courses like the arts, architecture, pharma, management all actively participate in such competitions. Any institution in the world can produce excellent programmers regardless of their domain of study. In fact, Vertos at Lovely Professional University demonstrate that you don’t even need a degree to be a great coder.

It is the management & the Centre for Professional Enhancement (CPE) and Skill Development, who always have been proactive in encouraging students and making them aware of the opportunities available. Professors and the administration have a high level of intellect and expertise that enables Vertos to develop as more efficient and competent professionals.