We, at Lovely Professional University (LPU), believe that professional enhancement inputs supplement the academic curriculum and help prepare students to participate actively in the professional community. Such inputs also enhance practical knowledge and awareness of students either in general or in a specific area of training.

Centre for Professional Enhancement (CPE) is an endeavor of Lovely Professional University, which aims not only at improving the existing skills and competencies of the students but also at acquiring new skill sets which are relevant to meet the demands of the industry. The students get inputs in terms of Logical Reasoning, Aptitude, Verbal Ability, and Soft Skills.

CPE has been very active in organizing domain-specific workshops to give the students hands-on experience. Professional development opportunities range from a single workshop to a semester-long academic course, to services offered by a medley of different professional development providers and varying widely with respect to the philosophy, content, and format of the learning experiences. These inputs when given to the students add flavor to their candidature when they become industry-ready.

It also has taken the initiative to launch CPE Monthly Test Series for the students of LPU which aims at improving the general and subject-specific knowledge and prepare them to face the competitive challenges ahead. Under CPE, various students’ clubs, events and Community Development Projects are being managed and run by students. Besides, the students get regular inputs on personal grooming, body language and also improving Emotional Intelligence. The Centre for Professional enhancement enables students for placements through targeted training inputs like third-party assessments, guest lectures by industry experts and company-specific mock drives. All these activities help in the holistic development of the students.

Nevertheless, all these inputs from CPE aim at helping an individual acquire a level of competence required in order to operate as a professional.