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Freshers’ Guide to Student Organizations

Unless you’re a high-pitched extrovert, finding like-minded people in any university can be a tricky task. It’s even harder when you’re a...
Attempting ETE on My class Codetantra

Attempting ETE on My class (Codetantra)

The final days of this semester are here. For the first time in human history, mass proportions of teachers and students are about to...

LPU takes Innovative Steps for continuing Teaching amid Corona Scare

As per the orders and suggestions of the government to observe academically non-functioning university, till Sep 30, 2020, due to coronavirus scare, Lovely Professional...
Freshmen Induction

Why Every Fresher Should Attend Freshmen Induction

Lovely Professional University is one of the largest private universities in India. It has students from every corner of India and around the world....