The final days of this semester are here. For the first time in human history, mass proportions of teachers and students are about to complete an entire semester online. Most of the students will have to test their knowledge soon through End term exams.

Lovely Professional University has partnered with Codetantra to create a unique and interactive platform called my class. The end term exams for the odd semester of the academic year 2020-2021, will be conducted through this platform.

How to login for the exam

The Username and password for the platform are the same as the username and password used for UMS. The user has to solve a captcha while logging in for security purposes. Students must open the portal only on one device at a time and are advised to use a Laptop or desktop with camera access for the test.

Examination pattern

The examination shall have 45 MCQ questions in weightage of :

  • 5 questions from Unit I of the syllabus.
  • 5 questions from Unit II of the syllabus.
  • 5 questions from Unit III of the syllabus.
  • 10 questions from Unit IV of the syllabus.
  • 10 questions from Unit V of the syllabus.
  • 10 questions from Unit VI of the syllabus.

Attempting the questions

  1. All questions shall be compulsory.
  2. The total duration of the examination is 1 Hr 30 Minutes
  3. The marking scheme is 1 mark for a correct answer, -0.25 marks for a wrong answer, and 0 for questions left un-attempted.
  4. All questions are displayed in unidirectional order, i.e. the student will not be allowed to go back to previous questions, attempted or un-attempted.
  5. Each question has a time limit of 2 minutes, within which the question must be attempted.
  6. When the allotted time expires, the student will be automatically taken to the next question.
  7. Time pooling is not available i.e. The time saved by attempting a question before the stipulated 2 minutes will not be added for the rest of the questions.

Anti-unfair means measures

  • The examination shall be continuously monitored by faculty.
  • The webcam of the student must be on during the complete duration of the examination.
  • In case the student attempts to navigate away from the examination window, after two warnings the test shall be auto-submitted.
  • In case a student is found using any unfair means during the examination by the proctor including calling, messaging, using any other device the same shall be treated as an unfair means case and necessary disciplinary action shall be taken.

For more details please refer to your seating plan in UMS.