Teachers are a sign of what is good, what is true, what is pure, and learning that continues throughout one’s life. Gurus, or teachers, were held in high regard in ancient India, with some even elevating their standing to that of gods. The teacher is known as “Param Brahma,” which translates to “beyond the Divine,” and is described as “the Creator,” “the Preserver,” and “the Destroyer.” Teachers are one of the most important people in a student’s life since they shape their personality. A youngster spends over 60% of the day in school engaging with instructors, so their impact is commendable. People think teachers simply teach kids, but they also inculcate moral principles.

Teacher Appreciation Meet at LPU

Recently, LPU organized a Teacher Appreciation Meet to express its gratitude toward the dedication of its faculty members, who continued to teach with all of their passion despite the ongoing fight against COVID-19. During Teacher Appreciation Meet, our esteemed Pro-Chancellor, Mrs. Rashmi Mittal, praised and congratulated every member of the faculty and staff for their quickness in adjusting to the new online method of instruction. The COVID-19 pandemic has severely altered education systems across the country and around the world, transforming what classrooms and learning look like on a daily basis.

Teacher Meet at LPU

I had the opportunity to engage in conversation with Mr. Mukesh Mahay, who is a faculty member of soft skills, to inquire about his time while working as a teacher throughout the COVID era. ” At first, work from home experience was joyful. Because of the circumstances, we were unable to hold classes on campus. As a result, students have been learning, taking exams, and graduating online for the past two years.”

Teacher Meet at LPU

Regarding the one thing that he did not catch very well when taking online classes, “We miss the classrooms, the space, the atmosphere, the energy, and the connections that can only be made in the face-to-face world. As educators, we miss our students. The classes had a lot of interesting activities. I observed my students, analyzed their energies, deciphered their body language, and determined whether or not they were still in this world or off in their dream world.” At the end of the interview, he also said that the student’s responses were optimistic and that online learning gave teachers a chance to innovate new ways to teach.