Yes, yes, you heard it right! This is another article dedicated to the glory brought by LPU students to the university and a moment of pride that we all contain at the moment. This time too, it’s another student of LPU making noise all over the world and attracting everyone through her achievement and penning down her name successfully in the history of World Championships. Yeah! we are talking about Parveen, the international woman-boxer and LPU B.Sc. student who has recently been doing rounds in the news. She participated in the World Boxing Championships 2022 that was being held in Istanbul, Turkey, and grabbed a bronze medal on behalf of the country giving us a reason to be extremely proud.

Parveen Hooda (63 kg) had already confirmed a medal in the Women’s Boxing Championships 2022 organized by the International Boxing Association (IBA) by reaching the semi-finals by winning over Shoira Zulkaynarova from Tajikistan. She was up against Amy Broadhurst of Ireland where she, unfortunately, lost the game but not before assuring a medal to each one of us. Along with Parveen, another LPU boxer, Jaismine also participated in the tournament and qualified for the quarter-finals but unfortunately wasn’t enough to play the semis. The vigorous training done by this Haryana girl has enabled her to achieve the impossible and make her village and her country swell with pride.

Not long after winning the bronze medal, Parveen, along with two other boxing champions, Manisha Moun and Nikhat Zareen were invited to an auspicious dinner by the honorable Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi. Out of them, Nikhat was the only one who won a gold medal in the Championship, the fifth Indian woman to do so.

LPU boxer Parveen is invited for lunch by PM Narendra Modi!

PM Modi heartily congratulated all the three boxers for achieving this incredible feat in such a prestigious tournament. After having a pleasant meeting, PM Modi tweeted “Glad to have met boxers @nikhat_zareen, @BoxerMoun and Parveen Hooda who made India proud at the Women’s World Boxing Championship. We had excellent conversations on their life journeys including passion towards sports and life beyond it. Best wishes for their future endeavours.”

Parveen also claims that this is the first major tournament she ever participated in and this medal means a lot to her and holds a higher value than any other medal she has ever won for her and her family. She is now preparing for Commonwealth Games 2024 to be held in Paris and she is aiming for nothing else but a gold medal! May she fulfill all her dreams and make us proud, we wish her all the best!