Are you an abroad aspirant? Still worried about the ongoing course and its credits? Umm…aren’t you a proud Verto at LPU? It’s sad when talented souls lack the opportunity to achieve their dreams just because of a few stereotypic old school regulations! But now I’m glad that the University Grants Commission (UGC) has delivered draft guidelines for building up an Academic Bank of Credit (ABC) following the new National Education Policy (NEP). The regulations will now allow both students and universities to design their degrees as per their convenience. Soon students will be able to transfer their credits to the other institutions having a tie-up with their present university. So, if you are an opportunity grabber and aspire to study abroad, this regulation is all you could have ever asked!

But dear friends, LPU is the place that is ahead of time and has always stood as an exception with these innovations! In a recent press release by ThePrint, Lovely Professional University got featured as the exception to the new regulations of UGC. It stated that LPU, way ahead of other universities across India, is already practicing the ‘Novel Credit Transfer Programme’ with its tie-up universities

Lovely Professional University strives hard to fulfill the dreams of its students. Via its unique Credit Transfer Scheme,’ LPU has brought ample ‘Study Abroad Opportunities.’ LPU associates students to its best member universities worldwide, including those in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Switzerland, and more. Under this incentive for credit transfer, a student can study part of the curriculum at the LPU campus and complete the remainder of his/her degree at the international affiliate university tied-up with LPU, whether from the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or some other preferred one. In any such cases, the beneficiary, after completing the remaining two years of undergraduate or one year of masters, receives his/her final degree from the International University tied-up with LPU. 

LPU Chancellor, Shri Ashok Mittal, welcoming the New Education Policy and appreciating the recently released guidelines of UGC, said, “It is a very bold decision to establish an Academic Bank of Credit (ABC). While it’s present in many advanced nations, this policy now available in India would see a net increase in India’s education. It will also establish a healthier rivalry between universities and continue to offer high-quality education to attract students.”

Major Highlights ABC Regulations

  • Provides the freedom to students to tailor their degree with specializations/ specific modifications.
  • It provides opportunities for International exposure to pursue multidisciplinary education.
  • Flexibility to resume their degree within 7 years if having a financial crisis. 
  • One can store Academic credits in the ABC for a maximum of 7 years or as specified separately by ABC for different subject disciplines.
  • Institutes can enroll in ABC after customary approval from the appropriate statutory/regulatory professional council.