The coronavirus pandemic and ensuing lockdown devastated the worldwide travel and hospitality industry. Once the Covid-induced lockdown got imposed, tourism-dependent industries were worse hit. Experts now agree that hygiene, safety, and health will be the industry’s priority. As the sector recalibrates with curfew and restrictions easing, institutes providing hospitality and tourism courses are back to business and updating their curriculum to attract students.

Recent coverage by ‘The Indian Express’ on ‘Tourism and hospitality institutes updating their curriculum for the post-Covid market’ featured the inputs of the Lovely Professional University School of Hotel Management and Tourism.

LPU School of Hotel Management and Tourism ranks among the best institutes for Hotel Management programs and has given the tourism industry the most exquisite hospitality management talents. Many schools in India offer hotel management as a degree, but LPU’s emphasis on practicality rather than learning philosophy is the aspect that makes it distinctive.

If we talk of the present and coming times, it’s apparent that the hotel management schools are rebuilding their course curriculum to meet the current necessities. As people are now more mindful of social distancing and sanitation, the hospitality and aviation industry will see an increased demand for hospitality management talents and employment in the aviation market. Discussing the same, Dr. Sanjay Modi (Executive Dean, LPU) said, “As individuals are gradually becoming aware of immunity, we’re adding a course on ‘Ayurveda food combinations’ to the curriculum of our hotel management program.” Adding further, Dr. Sanjay said, “Seeing the trends of the hospitality & aviation industries, we expect a rapid surge in the jobs. And thus, LPU has introduced BBA in Airlines and Airport Management from the current academic session.

Last year was not a good year. Many lost lives, many got uprooted, and many saw their aspirations fall into pieces. It was such a devastating period that nobody expected, and obviously, none could help. But, at LPU, the placement records of hotel management and other students kept touching new heights. Even in pandemic times, the university placed students in MNCs and secured their lives. Dr. Sorabh Lakhanpal (Additional Dean, LPU) says things have changed, and now the companies demand more than academics from the students. The recruiters are more focused on food, healthy lifestyle for the creation of immunity. In the coming times, along with the traditional recruiters of management students, the FMCG sector is also hiring hospitality students. “Dieting and fitness businesses are approaching us to recruit chefs who can prepare recipes that improve immunity. It seems to be in demand for a menu that can include organic, fresh local ingredients cooked using conventional Indian techniques. A major section is health food. There has been a trend in how to sustain the lifestyle and avoid disorder, but it will now pick up more, and hence more jobs will be created in this segment,” he added.

The myths of a waiter job being hotel management are continuously broken by the university. LPU has given a new approach to the course, focusing on all the features of the hospitality area. Students will undoubtedly acquire a great deal during the range of the degree because of LPU’s wide range of educational programs and excellent experience.