Lovely Professional University in association with Spinal Cord Injury Association organized ‘VISTAAR’ 2019, the 5th Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Conference at the Baldev Raj Mittal Unipolis inside the university’s campus. This conference was supposedly the biggest gathering of wheelchair users. More than 400 wheelchair delegates gathered at a single location along with some policymakers which included the leading personalities from the civil administration, police, health, and NGOs. There were different sessions of the conference which were aimed to sensitize the society and also there were agencies involved in adopting stringent measures for the further preventions of such critical injuries.
The number of people participating in the conference was nearly four hundred which included not just the cities in the proximity of this region but from far off places too like Hyderabad, Mumbai, etc. These people were given an opportunity to have a one to one interaction with the experts in their respective fields which paved them a way to receive solutions and suggestions to their problems which they couldn’t come up to all these years.
Also, this conference witnessed the distribution of 20 wheelchairs to the needy people in order to help to make them mobile and self-dependent and for leading an active life ahead.
The dignitaries included the chief electoral officer, Dr S K Raju an IAS officer who also mentioned: “Election Commission of India has made inclusive elections a key priority for parliamentary elections-2019.”Vistaar
During the doctors’ session, there were leading specialists in Neurology, Urology, Nephrology, Spinal injuries, and Embryology who participated in the counseling session of the patients and they motivated them into living a respectful worthy life. Further, there were renowned doctors from the whole of the country’s boundaries who discussed various problems related to fertility, sexuality, urinary tract infection, pressure sores, reproductive problems and they also offered solutions to tackle these individual concerns during the one to one interactive session mentioned above.
Vistaar brought the participation of not only the wheelchair users but also peer counselors, physiotherapists, psychologist and the doctors related to the spine, urology, plastic surgeons, etc. there were para-sports competitions like Wheelchair Rugby, Cricket, Basketball, Air Pistol shooting, Shot put and Javelin.
So if one ever feels low and wants to quit, just have a look at the smiling faces of such people. They have taught us that everything is achievable if you have the courage to do it. These peoples’ will and determination were really motivating and will continue to do that to those who witnessed this ceremony.