As we all know that India is a diverse country and in this country, we have one of the largest universities of India named, Lovely Professional University in Punjab. In LPU there are 25000+ students from all over the world living in peace and brotherhood.

There are students from different countries and states with their different traditions and cultures. Every student at Lovely Professional University is blessed to get an exposure to a variety of culture and tradition that aids in the overall societal growth of students. We always get to explore ourselves and love to share our culture with others and are also curious to know about their culture. With 2000+ international students in the LPU campus, the environment is rich not only in the level of learning but also demonstrates India’s international relations with other nations.

Diversity at LPU has been shown in many ways like last week we had an event called ‘ONE WORLD’ which is held every year at LPU. Students represent their country with lots of dance, singing, celebrations and activities. They also represent their country with their food stalls exhibiting their country’s cuisine. Thousands of students indulge in the joy of performance and celebration that is the outcome of weeks of hard work and dedication in the festivals that are being celebrated at LPU. It maintains the dignity and gives the chance to mingle up with every known and unknown knowledgeable thing.

One more event that shows diversity at LPU is ONE INDIA also known as Indian Diversity Festival. In this event students from all states of India represents their state not only with the dance, singing, but also with food stalls, theatre, storytelling, and parade as well.

Lovely Professional University is not only an educational hub but a junction of lifestyle and respect for people from across the world.