LinkedIn might be your best bet if you want to mushroom your network. Maybe a recruiter has your dream job, and you have the potential to grab the opportunity. Would you go out to that person bluntly? Probably not, but it’s a typical thing that most freshers do, and by doing that, your message will apparently be left on seen. Which is nothing but an embarrassment. Nevertheless, the great thing about LinkedIn is you could connect one on one with almost anyone across the world. However, if you go out texting, I am Peter pursuing my B.Tech from ABC University, could you help me with a job? It’s sloppy, amateurish, and questionable that you will ever receive a response.

Show a little more enthusiasm and craft a personalized text; it’s more likely that you will receive a reply this way. Here are a few ways you could do that:

(1). Start with an appropriate header

Put yourself in the shoes of the receiver, and craft your text accordingly. Begin with How do you know them, and why are you texting them? Do you need advice? If someone has referred you to them? Or it’s a senior professional you intend to interact with for the first time? Go through their posts or activities to craft an intriguing header. Open up a dialogue around their company and what they look for in an ideal candidate. Something you might send to recruiters would be:

Hi, we’ve never met, but I came across your profile while looking for recruiters at XYZ Enterprise. I am a big fan of the organization, and I would love to hear from you, what you look for when you’re seeking an ideal candidate for the company.

(2). Introduce yourself

When you are trying to reach out to a complete stranger or someone you have met but don’t know well and are hoping to get a reply, you might want to begin with a short introduction like: “I am Sam we met at the Freshman Induction.”

Always introduce yourself! Don’t assume that the person will go through your profile to have an idea of who you are; if you don’t do that, you are probably getting left on seen! Also, rather than sending plain connection requests, send a personalized invite! This would make them feel they are important and increase your likelihood of getting a reply!

(3). Keep your text short & concise

While you want to get to the point faster, you don’t want to look desperate. Recruiters are time-constrained, and a long text can make them lose interest in a jiffy! So, think before you jump on to the second paragraph, keep it short. And don’t forget to end your message with a hearty thank you.