Computer Science and Engineering is considered as one of those Engineering branches that can secure your future with time growth.

India has also decided to go digital. The IT field is booming so rapidly since then there is a huge demand for Computer Engineer graduates in the market now. The scope of placement after pursuing computer science engineering is very high. The demands for a computer engineer are very high in the IT field that other field candidates as mechanical, Electronics, and Electrical are also started working in IT Sectors.

To get recruited as a computer engineer in a big organization, one needs to complete B.Tech from a well-recognized college/university. So first of all, you have to choose an appropriate engineering college for the course.

Eligibility Criteria for admission in Engineering College

For taking admission in Engineering college, you need to pass your 12th with 60 % or 75% aggregate marks with Physics, Chemistry, and Math.

Scope of Different Fields of Computer Science and Engineering

Full Stack Web Developer

Web Developer makes a website from scratch or Tests a website. He can also modify the website as per user feedback. There are two popular job responsibilities for Web Developer (a)Front-End Developer and (b)Back-End Developer. Front-End Developer will work using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Back-End Developer work using PHP, MySQL, etc.

Data Science and Data Analysis

Data Science is the most demanding skill in 2020. Every MNC company works on organizing data for their products. Data scientists’ main goal is to organize the data from the huge data by using algorithms. Data analytics only focuses on processing the data for companies and Data analytics will also perform statistical analysis on existing user data.

Cloud computing

Cloud Computing is one of the trending skills for CSE Engineers. Cloud computing is the delivery of online storage, database, and software that will help to store the data of websites or products. There are many cloud computing services like.. SaaS (software as a service), IaaS (infrastructure as a service) definition, FaaS (functions as a service), and many more.

Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking

Cybersecurity protects devices and networks from unauthorized attacks. Cybersecurity is very important because it is designed to protect user data. Cybersecurity is also demand for a big company because they want to protect their data from being hacked or leaked that’s why cybersecurity is very important for every company.

An Ethical hacker finds vulnerabilities in company products/software to help the company and try to protect user data by finding a loophole in software and fixing it.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a very popular branch in computer science in which we have to build smart machines capable of performing a difficult task that typically requires human intelligence to do it. Artificial Intelligence is making a computer like a human, they can interact and behave like a human.

There are many other different fields in CSE as Software Developer, Computer Hardware Engineer, Database Administrator, Application Developer, etc.

Companies where you can find a placement after completing

  • Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)
  • Infosys
  • Wipro
  • Flipkart
  • HCL
  • Cognizant
  • Accenture

Even you can get a job in big companies in the US like…

  • Apple
  • Amazon
  • Intel
  • Google
  • Adobe

But getting a good Placement/Job would also depend on various factors. Some of them are mentioned below in this post.

1- Your college/University brand: If you studied from a top university or college then it will automatically increase your chance to place at the higher package. Pursuing your Engineering degree from any random college will not help you to get a good job, so decide carefully at the time of joining any college/university. Good college/university will decide your future, so think twice before joining any local college.

2- Your college/university grades: you need to have a minimum of 7 CGPA overall in your Engineering. so that you would be allowed to sit for campus placement and you can even impress HR by your grades.

3- Knowledge of Programming languages: JAVA, C++, and Python are the most popular programming languages at this time. So if you have good command at these programming languages then it will help you to get a good package in your placement.

Why choose LPU for Computer Science Engineering?

Lovely Professional University is one of the most popular universities for Computer Science Students and it’s well known for its excellent placement in CSE.

Placements and job opportunities in LPU are very good, almost every student gets placed every year and now Placements and Job opportunities are getting better and better every year for CSE Students. There are lots of Indian companies and MNC companies with LPU has tied up for the placement and Job opportunities of their students.

NIRF has ranked LPU amongst Top 87 in Engineering College/Universities, which includes all IITs, NIT and central universities.