Gibberish of an Insane Mind


The gibberish of an insane mind is an amalgamation of thoughts and habits born of  day to day life which affect a mind in a negative way. Yes, we cannot control life but we can surely control the effect it has on our mind.

Switching sides and walk-by lies are something every human mind conspires to do or create within itself. We get through situations in accordance with our conceived beliefs and understanding.

When you look back at your life to assess how you managed it, you realize that you have committed mistakes, a-lot of them. But strangely enough you are unapologetic about it. Maybe because you know that if you wouldn’t have committed those mistakes, you would not have been this person which you have become today. And if you are not proud of the person you are today, you have every right to be apologetic about  the mistakes you committed in your past.

You are NOT a moth near the flame but the flame itself, which gives you pleasurable consent to burn yourself. The moth knows that it would be burnt to death, yet it embraces the flame,  and that in essence is human life where people keep on living and committing the very same mistakes aware of their mortality and the ephemerality of their existence.