Facts speak for themselves. UniRank, an international higher education directory reviewing accredited Universities and Colleges in the world includes 13,000 educational institutes ranked by popularity in 200 countries. As per the statistics are given by UniRank, out of 13,000 educational institutes, about 8,000 have an official Facebook Page. The average number of followers/likes of their Facebook pages is 35,282, while LPU’s Facebook Page stands at 10th position with 1.4 million likes. The list is topped by Harvard University with 5.1 million likes.

LPU one of the Most Popular Universities Across the World

LPU is now far ahead of other prestigious Indian institutions also including the University of Delhi, IISc, IITs Kharagpur, Madras, Bombay, Hyderabad, Roorkee, Kanpur, Jodhpur, Birla Institute, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, and many more.

In India, LPU’s popularity on Facebook stands at 3rd position among 350 universities. The popularity reflects on the “happening campus” that is always alive with activities. Frequent visits by eminent persons and events keep everyone on their toes be it in the field of academia, industry, or glamour. The diversity in the students and faculty here adds to its popularity in even in the regions that are thousands of Kilometres away from here. A true university, after all, is the one that has an impact on the entire globe.  LPU Chancellor expressed his happiness on reaching this milestone and credited this success to LPU staff and students. He congratulated all students and staff members who keep on highlighting glorious achievements on the social media for other well wishers and fans of LPU to be well-aware about its achievements.

Social and digital presence is an important factor in signifying the work done by the university to reach out to the world and share its vision about education. Strong social media presence acts as a way to share with the world the achievements made by students at the university.