Unlike those heated debates we see on news channels, group discussions are a formal approach for formulating decisions. You’ll have to go through a group discussion round in every campus placement you attend. Group Discussions check your ability in communication, critical thinking, presentation and leadership skills. A group discussion is the holy grail of success. It’s only in this round, you get an opportunity to stand out from the rest of your peers.

Here’s what you can do to keep the panels focus on you.

Initiate the GD:

To grab the attention, you need to speak first. It puts you in the boss’s seat, giving you the power to control the discussion. Initiation is only about the introduction to the problem at hand, so you will not need to go into the details of the topic. Instead of making the introduction boring, get creative by formulating an agenda. Your fellow peers will have to speak based on your agenda. The agenda can contain the objective of the discussion, approaching the topic in a PESTL form i.e. Political, Environmental, Social, Technological and legal, make a SWOT analysis and finally the conclusion.

Lead the GD:

If any of your peers sway from your agenda, you can politely bring their attention back. As a leader, you should bring a different perspective to the topic at hand and guide the conversation smoothly.

Conclude the GD:

If you are nervous about starting the GD or do not have clue about what is supposed to be discussed, be patient before pitching in. There’s always an opportunity for a brilliant conclusion. Listen to the others carefully, jot down their points, draw an inference and come up with a short and smart summary.

Do Not Get Aggressive:

A GD is a polite war of words. When contradicting someone, use polite phrases and keep a check on the tone of your voice.

Give Examples to Support your Statement:

Logical reasoning will earn you bonus points. Avoid giving personal examples. Create an edge and showcase your language skills by using Figures of Speech.

By this time, the panel members are sure to be impressed.