It is very sad to say that in our own country the public is differentiating each other on the basis of their community, caste, gender and also by their height, weight and colour. We have seen this kind of problem in various fields whereas it is in sports or at the time of any job interview, where the difference is created due to community and caste system. The main difference can be seen at the time of elections when to take votes, the parties are creating difference and hatred towards other community. The community has got a tag of “majority “ and “minority” which is a very big issue because it has made a riot amongst them. It is very ridiculous that in marriages also, our Indian society is focusing more on the colour, height, weight of the bride and groom instead of focusing on their behaviour, thoughts and simplicity. It really hurts that our society is judging each other on the wrong basis.

But thankfully, God has made a hope to end this difference in the form of a university called Lovely Professional University. Yes, you heard it right. LPU is not only a college but it’s an emotion of more than thousands of people. In LPU, you can see various students and faculties from different states, different religions and from different countries. It is the place of Unity in Diversity where nobody will be discriminating you on any basis. Everybody is equal in the eye of this college. Here, you will find a lot of diversity and people from different cultures and religions. All of them are living together with lots of fun and happiness and sharing their respective culture with each other.

During admissions, they do not see whether you are from the majority or minority. They only check your boards’ result and the marks you have obtained from LPU NEST (an Entrance exam of LPU). Inside this univesity, you will get a lot of exposure to various extracurricular activities where you can easily take part without any hesitation and discrimination. The college organizes various events like the mega-events, “One India” and “One World” where students from different states and countries show their respective culture and each and everyone loves these events.

You will find faculties having very supportive and friendly nature belonging to different cultures and communities, but they will never differentiate you or do any partiality on the basis of their own community or culture and will be always supportive towards you. You will be getting placed only on the basis of your talent, activity and personality and not by any kind of so-called categories.

In LPU, not only students from India but the students from different parts of the country feel safe and they love the beauty of LPU and its Unity in Diversity.

A college cannot be built only from big classrooms, it is built from the unity of the students and teachers that makes a college a successful college.