* “Women in India are empowered; 80% of them are excelling their counterparts in diverse fields”: H E Governor of Maharashtra

* “Lovely Professional University should be called as “the most live university”: H E Governor of Maharashtra

His Excellency Governor of Maharashtra Shri Bhagat Singh Koshyari visited Lovely Professional University (LPU), today, where he chaired the conference on women empowerment held at Shanti Devi Mittal Auditorium.

Addressing thousands of students, staff and faculty members of the university, Hon’ble Governor talked about the great Indian culture, which always holds regards for the motherland and the womankind since time immemorial.   

He shared that In India all remember woman power in the form of ‘Goddesses’ on needs for knowledge, wealth, strength, kindness, forgiveness or in any other such a form. World has started talking about women empowerment now; in comparison, India has always been pro on women empowerment. It is presently being seen in all facets of life in India that 80 percent of females dominate diverse competitive fields-including education, sports, corporate sectors and even politics vis-à-vis their male counterparts.

On these lines, pulsing the illustrious global record made by LPU students, he wished that “Lovely Professional University should be called as “the most live university” in the world.

Referring to the New Education Policy of the country, Hon’ble Governor emphasized that it is only due to the culture and education of the country that has brought forward women as chivalrous, kind, caring, ruling, robust and dynamic. Talking about various schemes implemented by PM Narendra Modi in the favour of woman-kind, he shared how to empower them right from low to high levels.

Hon’ble Governor also advised all never to forget their mother language irrespective of having knowledge in other languages of the world. India is progressing by upholding its cultural values of ‘the whole world as a single family’. Only due to such powerful thinking, the world looks at India in hours of needs. Keep on adhering to the cultural values, nourish love for humanity and stand strengthened. 

While welcoming the elite guest, LPU Chancellor Dr Ashok Kumar Mittal talked about his multifaceted personality and shared about his untiring efforts for women empowerment throughout his career in education, politics and presently administration. Dr Mittal also forwarded that India empowered its women right from the beginning which the most advanced countries could do only a few years ago.

Also present on the main dais were Pro-Chancellor Mrs Rashmi Mittal, Vice-Chancellor Dr Preeti Bajaj and Registrar Dr Monica Gulati. The conference also had a cultural presentation which promoted unity, happiness, peace and prosperity all around.

During the conference, it was also informed that a female student, Tanisha Joshi, from the department of Physics has secured 2nd Runner Up prize in “Sainya Ranakshetram 2.0” held by Indian Army, where more than 80,000 participants from all across India had participated. Chief of the Army Staff Gen Manoj Pande felicitated the winners.