Top Degrees For Physically Challenged Students In LPU

Top Degrees For Physically Challenged Students In LPU


Most of the physically challenged students think that they have very few opportunities and they don’t have much to achieve in their lives. This type of thinking makes them lose their confidence and then they don’t even try to achieve something, but nowadays there are a lot of chances for physically challenged students, especially in the academic field. They can opt for graduation in various fields and then can go for a job or further studies. There are a lot of fields for graduation which require very less physical work and thus are perfect for physically challenged students.

Some of the best degrees for physically-abled students in LPU are:

  1. Fashion Designing: It is one of the very famous courses among very creative students and those who have good drawing skills. The students who are interested in fashion designing can opt for B.Design (Fashion) and students who want to do a diploma can choose a Diploma in Fashion Design. Both of these courses provide a good scope for further studies and jobs as well.


  1. Graphic Designing & Animation: It is another interesting field that requires a lot of creativity rather than physical work. In this modern world, graphic designers and animators are highly valued and sometimes they can also be recruited by international companies. So, students who want to make their career in this field can choose B.Design (Graphics), B.Design (Multimedia) courses.


  1. Interior and Furniture design: This field is also growing in India very rapidly and students who have out of the box thinking can choose this field to make their career. Students can pursue B.Design (Interior & Furniture) course to take this field as their career option.


  1. Web Development & Coding: Students who are interested in coding and web development can take up B.Tech (Computer Science and Engineering), Computer application, and also B.Sc. (Information Technology) courses. Interested students can also pursue MBA along with B.Tech (CSE) in a dual degree program offered by LPU.


  1. Management & Commerce courses: These courses are very appropriate and perfect for students with disabilities as the jobs that these courses offer requires more analytical skills and negligible physical work. Students who are interested in these fields can go for B.Com and BBA courses. Apart from that students can also opt for dual degree programs like BBA – MBA and B.Com – MBA which will help them in the long run.


In this modern world, students with disabilities have a lot of opportunities and apart from all the above-listed courses, they can also make their careers in journalism, etc. Nowadays, physically challenged students are performing better than normal students in every field be it in the sports field or academics. At last, physically-abled students should always remember that if they want, they can achieve anything in their life.