Hotel Management Courses are curated for specific career domains and are very job-oriented. To be successful in the Hotel Management and Tourism industry, one should own a pleasing personality, have effective interpersonal skills, leadership skills, and good management skills. Regardless of whether you choose B Sc(Hotel Management), BHMCT or BBA(Tourism and Hospitality) or any other course, a career in Hotel Management is promising and depends greatly on your skills and hard work.

Scope of B Sc Hotel Management

  • B Sc Hotel Management is a three-year course that the students can pursue after completing 10 + 2 with any stream. The course is meant for students looking for a career in the hospitality sector. With some years of experience, they can become eligible for leadership roles in the sector.
  • In this course, the students will learn about the essentials of Hotel Management, like, service operations, food production, front office operations, western cuisines, accounting, accommodation management, wines & liquors, bakery, tourism, etc. The course prepares students to acquire operational level positions in the hospitality industry.
  • Food & beverage, accounting, recreation, maintenance, public relations, housekeeping are some of the fields where graduates of B Sc Hotel Management can grab rewarding jobs of their choice.

Scope of BHMCT (Bachelor of Hotel Management and Tourism)

  • BHMCT is a four-year course that students can pursue after completing 10 + 2 with any stream. The course provides a specialized degree that trains students for the field of Hotel Management and Tourism.
  • The course trains students in subjects like food safety, food production, food quality, room division management, bakery & patisserie, facility planning, concepts of marketing, science and nutrition, etc. With this course, students can secure operational level positions in the Hotel Management industry. Students can also venture their own restaurant/ catering or tourism service after acquiring sufficient experience.
  • Hotel chains, resorts and restaurants offer positions of chef, kitchen supervisor, front office manager, relationship manager, etc. to BHMCT graduates.

Scope of BBA (Tourism and Hospitality)

  • BBA (Tourism and Hospitality) is a three-year course that trains students about aspects of tourism and hospitality sector. Students who have completed 10 + 2 can pursue this course.
  • In this course, the students will learn about marketing, sales, customer service, tour planning, ticketing, holiday consulting, etc. A career in this the field of tourism is a blessing for those who love to travel and explore new cultures as well as have a pleasing personality.
  • After successful completion of the course, BBA Tourism and Hospitality graduates can secure jobs as marketing supervisor, travel planner, entrepreneur, supervisor, etc.

Scope of B Sc. (Airlines, Tourism and Hospitality)

  • B Sc. (Airlines, Tourism and Hospitality) is a three-year course that involves the study of aviation, hotel management and, hospitality. Students with 10 + 2 can apply for this course.
  • The course entails learning about airline operations, front office operations, accounting, food and beverages, housekeeping, international tourism, airport management, cargo management, etc. The course is especially curated for those who wish to make a career in the tourism and aviation industry.
  • Various job profiles that can be opted after pursuing this course are customer care executive, airline ticketing, lobby manager, airline cabin crew, travel consultant, etc.

Why Choose LPU for Hotel Management

  • Lovely Professional University campus has an on-campus UNI-Hotel where students of Hotel Management can apply their in-class learnings to real life by dealing with customers and challenges in Hotel Management.
  • The school regularly hosts renowned guests and chefs like Vikas Khanna; GMs of top hotels like Hyatt Regency. The same exposes the students to standards followed in the international industry.
  • The school has had the honor of serving guests like Dalai Lama and Pranab Mukherjee.
  • The school uses innovative pedagogy that uses modern teaching practices like VARK (Visual, Auditory, Read & Write and Kinesthetic) and is equipped with amenities like basic training kitchen, 304 kitchen grade equipment, etc.

Concluding, the scope of Hotel Management is vast for those who master the skills required to succeed in the industry. Depending on the various job profiles, skills that make an outstanding career in Hotel Management can vary. For example, a pleasing personality and strong interpersonal skills are a must for front-end roles, however, these aren’t as crucial if you want to become a chef. Read more on various skills required in HM industry.