Biotechnology is one of the emerging career fields in India. Food Technology, Nutrition, Medicines, Healthcare, Forensic Sciences are some of the fields of Biotechnology. The scope of Biotechnology is wide and offers opportunities in the field of both research and engineering. In this article, we’ll discuss what the future holds for Biotechnology professionals or to-be Biotechnology professionals.

What is Biotechnology

The term Biotechnology is derived from Greek word “Bios”, which means “everything to do with life” and, “Technikos”, which means “human knowledge and skills”. Biotechnology aims to produce desired health and medicinal benefits for humans by means of using advanced life sciences and living organisms like bacteria, yeast, plant cells, etc.

List of Courses in Biotechnology

Biotechnology is a broad field. From using yeast in the production of bread to evidence like hair, skin or blood scrutinized by Forensic Scientists, all are an application of the glorious field of Biotechnology. A course in Biotechnology enables you to make your contribution for the benefit of humankind. Some of the courses in Biotechnology are:

Biotechnology: The course teaches students applications of the study of living organisms to make products that can be of benefit to humankind.

Biomedical Engineering: Biomedical engineers work closely with doctors and researchers to develop equipment and devices that solve clinical problems.

Food Technology: Food Technology scientists research on improving food quality, its preservation and, enhancing its nutrition value.

Nutrition and Dietetics: The course entails researching practices that improve community health and, nutrition.

Forensic Sciences: Forensic scientists perform evidence-based research to solve crimes.

Microbiology: The course trains students in studying micro-organisms, diseases caused by micro-organisms and, researching ways to use microorganisms for health benefits of community.

Biochemistry: Students get an insight into biological molecules, proteins and, lipids. When applied, Biochemistry professionals play a major role in better agricultural produce, nutrition and, treatment of diseases.

Eligibility Criteria

Pass with 60% aggregate marks in 10+2 (with English, Chemistry and Maths or Biology or Biotechnology) or equivalent.

Choosing Between B.Tech (Biotechnology) and B.Sc (Biotechnology)

  • Neither of these courses is better than the other. It depends on student’s long-term goals and potential.
  • Both B.Tech and B.Sc will have some similar subjects, however, Biotechnology in B.Tech will be centred around Mathematics and Physics, whereas, in B.Sc will be centred around Biology.
  • B.Tech (Biotechnology) lays emphasis on the technical aspects of Biotechnology, whereas, B.Sc (Biotechnology) opens door to research in this field.

Career Opportunities in Biotechnology

Biotechnology graduates have a vast field of career opportunities depending on their chosen field.

India is soon to be a hotspot for Biotech Industry. It is estimated that Biotech sector in India is estimated to grow by 30.46 percent CAGR by 2025 and, India is among the top 12 biotech destinations in the world and ranks third in the Asia-Pacific region. Biotechnology is a promising field that can bring about appreciable changes in agriculture trends, food productions and, healthcare.

Career Opportunities for B.Tech Graduates:

Pharmaceutical sector, Biological Sciences, Healthcare, Food Processing Industry, Food and Chemical Industries seek Biotechnology Professionals for handling positions of Production Engineers, Quality Control Analyst, etc.

Career Opportunities for B.Sc Graduates:

Biotechnology is a research-oriented field in which a lot of areas are still to be explored. B.Sc graduates can opt for a career in technical writing, or go for M.Sc and Ph.D to pursue a career in research. With the world’s population to cross 9 billion before 2050, revolutionary reforms are needed in areas food production, medicine and, vaccine. The future rests largely on the shoulders of researchers and scientists in the field of Biotechnology.

Scholarships in Biotechnology

Students can avail up to 100% scholarship in Biotechnology courses at Lovely Professional University by appearing for LPUNEST.