“I personally feel the perfect balance between academics and extracurricular activities at LPU is the special thing that makes our students excel in life.” – Chancellor, LPU

Addressing the vast congress of eminent international and national scientists, researchers and student community at LPU today, Hon’ble Governor of Punjab Mr Shivraj V Patil said, “More technology and new scientific knowledge should be generated and be allowed to flow freely. In the present day science and technology, new knowledge, transport and communication facilities, are bound to play a very important role. Such roles should be developed with co-operative and joint efforts.” Hon’ble Governor Punjab Shri Shivraj V Patil visited Lovely Professional University today as the Chief Guest of closing ceremonies of 2-mega global events – the 2-day Global Science Conference “EBAS-2014”; and the 5-day Global Youth Fest ‘Youth Vibe-2014’ organized simultaneously at LPU.

Lovely Group Chairman Mr Ramesh Mittal, Vice- Chairman Mr Naresh Mittal, LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal, Pro Chancellor Mrs Rashmi Mittal, Vice-Chancellor Dr Ramesh Kanwar and other functionaries at LPU accorded a warm welcome to the first man of the Punjab state.

Appreciating the role of LPU and the functionaries at the helm of affairs of the university, Hon’ble Governor continued, “LPU is the best private university in India and is doing better than many of the government universities in the country. I forward my best wishes to LPU, may it soon be among the top universities of the world. Such organizations certainly generate much awareness in the student-community with their mega celebrations. Culture and exploration is our living tradition and these need to be preserved, propagated and enriched. We are one of the oldest surviving civilizations of the world because of our inherent strength and resilience. We have the ability to incorporate change and cope with ideas without losing our basic culture and rich values.”

Greeting His Excellency Governor Patil, LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal thanked him for his continuous, inspiring support to the state and the education of its people. Mentioning the JLN Education city, Modern Terminal Market, and Chandigarh Energy Park, Chancellor Mittal praised the marvelous works done under the Governor’s adminstration. Mr Mittal also assured the elite guest, “On our part, LPU will continue striving hard to make Punjab an international hub for education. We are also working hard to get LPU included in the top 200 universities of the world by the year 2025. ” talking about the vastness of the global events held at LPU, Mr Mittal said, “I am very happy to share that at the science conference we saw a presence of over 700 scientists and delegates from all over the world including USA and Canada. Here, more than 200 abstracts and papers were presented. Similarly at the mega cultural meet 5000 international and national participants performed for at competitions amid an audience of 30,000 students.”  Chancellor Mr Mittal also congratulated students and members of staff on the success of the mega events. He said, “I personally feel the perfect balance between academics and extracurricular activities at LPU is the special thing that makes our students excel in life.”

Research topics covered at the science conference were in relation to ‘Exploring Basic & Applied Sciences for Next Generation Frontiers’.  Prof KG Raghothama from Purdue University of US spoke about ‘Nutrient Efficiency for Global Food Security’; Prof Shiv O Prasher from McGill University of Canada presented ‘Food for Thought – Issues in Global Water, Food, and Environmental Security’; Dean Dr Ulf Runesson, of Lakehead University, Canada covered the topic ‘Beyond research and new sensors’; and, Prof Madhumi Mitra from the University of Maryland, Eastern Shore, US talked about ‘Micro and Macroalgal ecology’. Prof A K Paul from CSIR-Central Scientific Instruments Organization (Chandigarh) shared his views on the non judicious application of a particular class of pesticides.