Lovely Professional University hosted the 45th District Level Student Science Exhibition from 4th to 5th December 2017. In this mega exhibition, more than 100 science models were put on display. More than 400 students and teachers from over 60 schools attended this exhibition. The exhibition was organised by District Education Officer(SE), Kapurthala and managed by District Science Supervisor, Kapurthala.

45th District Level Student Science Exhibition hosted by LPU

The students made live Projects based on Waste Management, Digital and Technological fields, Resource Management, Food Security, Air Pollution, Water Resource Management and many more. A project, smog-free tower by the students gained attention as it provided a way out of the smog situation faced by Punjab and nearby states. Besides students displaying their science models, they were also engaged in mind-boggling competition events like Science Quiz, Science Drama, Kishore Mela, etc.

The winners were adjudged by a jury of 12 experts, who chose the winners on the basis of innovation, cost factor, creativity and presentation skills.


LPU Chancellor Ashok Mittal and Pro-Chancellor Rashmi Mittal appreciated the students and encouraged them to keep their efforts consistent and be ready to learn more at every point of life.