College is said to be the most fascinating part of someone’s life. You come across new friends, teachers, and the environment. I do understand that it is quite difficult to forget those school days but with those days additional memories get added after joining a college. So many of the readers here, i.e. you must be missing your school days. But I assure you that you are going to miss your college days much more than your school days once you complete your college life and get into a busy life.

I do also miss those golden days but now it’s time to make the upcoming days a golden one too. So never ever try to spoil these precious periods of your life. So now let me tell you some of the necessary things that you need to do after completion of the first week at college:

  1. Choose your friend circle wisely

First yearAs you enter the college life the most important and necessary thing that is required is to get a good friend circle because if you get indulged with some wrong one then you may get distracted to some other path. So be wise enough in selecting them.


  1. Try to stay away from Social Media as far as possible

First yearIt is to be done to save your energy for doing other works. In order to get into MNCs or any Government sector jobs, you have to do it. I am not saying to completely stop using it but to put on limits in its use and invest that time in some other work. You can even spend that time with your new friends and understand them more than you know them at present.


  1. Take proper care of your health

First yearI do understand that we don’t get the quality food that we used to get at home and it becomes difficult to maintain health. But you shouldn’t skip your breakfast and lunch because of not getting the tasty food that you used to get at home. Having something in the stomach helps you in being energetic so that you don’t feel drowsy during the classes and get distracted. In the evening you can have some fruits and juices to stay fit and energetic. Also, you can play sports to keep yourself fit and fine.


  1. Give proper timings for your studies

First yearWhat we usually see is that students skip studies once they enter into the colleges. But this must not happen. You must give proper time to your studies. Because the more you learn the more you grow and explore. I don’t mean that you need to study for all the leftover timings after a tight schedule of classes but instead study regularly for at least 2 hours. Never give anyone a single chance to point at you for being back in class or having backlogs.


  1. Be positive

First yearAs you may have come across many types of students in the class and many of the students get depressed by seeing themselves at back. Always remember one thing guys that no one can beat you until you defeat your mindset. Always think positive that you can do it. One of the best ways to get out of being depressed is talking to someone whose presence fills your mind, heart, and soul with pleasure. You can listen to music or dance or play games of your choices or even do something that makes you happy.

So, dear reader, try to adopt these things after you complete your first week at college. But along with all these things, you should also enjoy moments with your friends.

All the best for the upcoming precious days!