“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time, but they have a big heart too.“

The above beautifully describes that being a volunteer just gives you the ultimate satisfaction that you are looking for. These days if you look stress levels are very high. I will share an example of 16 years old trying to commit suicide just because she had high expectations from her which she could not fulfil. We just can’t give up our blessed lives just because we because failed. You must be wondering why I took this example right?

So here comes the role of volunteering in one life which is as follows

  • Acceptance of failures

A setback is a beautiful part of your life which needs to be accepted. What happens these days among youngsters is that they don’t have the gumption to accept the setback. Setbacks teach you a lesson which makes you hungry & stronger for whatever you are about to face next. So next time you have failed just hold yourself and broaden your blessed lips & smile.

  • Self-transformation

As an author of this article, the journey of being a volunteer in various organizations has been a blissful & enriching one with a plethora of learnings I had in the past 5 years. Can you imagine someone transformed himself from complete introvert to extreme extrovert? Surprising right but it’s a reality. This has been possible just because of volunteering.

  • Attitude of gratitude

“Life is a journey which should be lived to the fullest no matter what hurdles you are facing or about to face.“

The attitude of gratitude totally synchronizes with the above quote by highlighting that we should be thankful for everything we are blessed within our lives. Start doing it & you will realize you won’t have time to regret anything in your lives.

  • Network

One of the biggest takeaways you can from volunteering is building your networks. So if you are someone who’s looking for expanding his or her friend’s circle come down & be a part of society who believes in giving back without expecting anything back.

By know, you must have made your mind right? So let’s make things easier for you by letting you know the 5 ways by which you can volunteer in college itself which are as follows:

  • Be a part of clubs

Lovely Professional University boasts of plenty of clubs where you can get the opportunity to give back to society such as Ample foundation, Sankalp, and more.

  • Opportunities available online

As a student, you should explore even though you are in college. For example, you have United Nations volunteer opportunity where you can register yourself. No matter in which part of life you are there would be something for you to give back.

  • University initiatives

Throughout the year there are plenty of initiatives that your university has for you which are as follows:

  1. Joy of giving
  2. Samarpan – a lifeline
  3. Sathi – village adoption scheme
  • Student initiatives

When you have a university with genes of community services in their blood, how can its students stay back behind as the same genes will travel in their blood too? Some of the student initiatives are Earth day, Pulse polio campaign, etc.

  • Helping your batchmates

If you actually want to contribute towards society and are not part of any of the initiatives above don’t worry you can still give back by helping hand towards your batch mates. In our university you will find a scenario that you know someone in your class whose weak in something or is in dire need of help as it can happen to happen, just go ahead & help him or her.