Lovely Professional University has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Bruker India Scientific Pvt Ltd. Bruker India is a subsidiary of Bruker Corporation, USA, which is a global leader in advanced instrumentation for science and industry. The partnership is aimed to collaborate on research, training and new application development in the field of pharmacy, agriculture, environment, food technology, material science and nanotechnology.

As part of the MoU, LPU will set up a multi-research facility to be known as ‘Bruker-LPU Centre of Excellence’ for “Microstructural Studies” at its campus in Phagwara City. This facility will be available to all the researchers and scientists across India working in the field of material science and nanotechnology. ‘Bruker’ will provide the latest scientific instruments, high-value analytical and diagnostic solutions to LPU, ahead of their commercial release. The company will also offer research/travel grant to deserving students for performing research in various fields.

‘Bruker’ also has an online community platform for researchers across universities to network with each other. Student researchers from LPU will get access to this network, which will enable them to network with their peers/seniors at universities and institutions across India. Regional Director at Bruker India Mr Arin Kumar Chakraborti and Registrar at LPU Dr Monica Gulati signed the MoU in the presence of Head DRD at LPU Prof Dr G. Geetha, Prof Dr Sai Murali, and Regional Sales Manager AK Choudhary at Bruke India.

Additional Dean and Head, Division of Research & Development at LPU, Prof Dr G. Geetha says: “This MoU with Bruker will accelerate a wide range of research and outreach activities at LPU. It will enable our students, researchers and faculty members to conduct deeper research in the field of agriculture, pharmacy, nanotechnology, material science and environment. Moreover, Bruker’s online community platform will enable our students to network with senior researchers at institutions like IITs, IISC and CSIR. It will not only accelerate students’ learning but also help them in their various research endeavours in future as well.”